14. Dayo Akinrinade – Wisdom

Company: Wisdom

Website: https://www.wisdom.audio/

Business: Wisdom is an inclusive social-audio community where users are encouraged to learn about a range of topics.


About Dayo and Wisdom

Dayo had the idea for Wisdom while on the founding team at OneTech London’s largest diversity in startups programme, backed by The JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Here, she observed how lack of access to networks and mentorship contributes to systemic inequity for minority founders.

Hence Wisdom was conceived as an inclusive, social-audio community where you can discover and learn from extraordinary humans from different walks of life – diverse people you would ordinarily never have the chance to meet.

Wisdom is a social audio app that facilitates one-to-one, meaningful conversations and Q&A centred on personal growth and knowledge-sharing. Wisdom’s mission is to leave the world a little bit wiser than we found it and the app hosts conversation on dozens of topics including mindfulness, life-coaching, entrepreneurship, parenting etc.


wisdom app


Within a year of Wisdom’s October 2021 launch, the app was awarded Apple’s App Store ‘App of the Day’ twice and included in TechRadar’s ‘Best Android Apps of 2022’.

Dayo raised $2 million of venture capital for Wisdom thanks to the support of First Round Capital and a number of angels.

Recently Wisdom has launched a new short-form asynchronous audio format which has not been seen before in the social networking space. Voice Answers delivers an algorithmically curated feed of wise answers to self-discovery questions like “Describe your idea of a perfect day.” to mentoring questions like “How do I break into the film industry?” to life hack questions like “How do I set boundaries in a relationship?”

On average, Wisdom members listen to 15 answers a day and spend 25 minutes a day listening on Wisdom.

Having been targeted by gender-based online harassment, Dayo is now an advocate of internet safety and has joined forces with fellow global tech leaders to become a member of the Oasis Consortium – a first-of-its-kind think tank dedicated to making the internet safer and more inclusive for all.


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