23. Mridula Pore – Peppy

Company: Peppy

Website: https://peppy.health/

Business: Peppy is a digital health app that connects employees to support and advice from highly-qualified health experts.


About Mridula and Peppy

Mridula Pore studied at Cambridge University, and later did her phD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She founded Peppy with Evan Harris and Max Landry. They saw an opportunity to offer a solution to companies who wanted to support their employees through moments like pregnancy and menopause.

Peppy works with employers to connect their staff with health experts covering a range of areas such as menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood, men’s health and women’s health. Employees are able to access support from health experts in a flexible way, choosing between video consultations, text chats, and live events.

Peppy aims to help employers retain top quality talent. For example, women in their 50s are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace, yet one in four of them consider leaving their jobs because of menopause symptoms. One in ten actually do. By using support from Peppy, people considering leaving the workplace for health reasons might be less need to do so.



A huge focus of Peppy is fertility support. Employees with fertility issues can struggle with side effects of treatment, as well as fatigue and anxiety. This all-consuming stress can have a huge toll on employees, making them less productive. Workplace fertility support is designed to cover areas including IVF and adoption, as well as covering the conditions that can affect fertility, such as endometriosis.

Workplaces that use Peppy do so not only to support their existing talent but also to save on the costs of replacing employees.

Over 250 leading employers, and over a million users, benefit from Peppy’s experts. Peppy works with hundreds of organisations, across the private and public sectors, including Axa health insurance, Santander, Meta, Dyson, NHS England, Disney and many more.



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