31. Priya Oberoi-Cattai – Goddess Gaia Ventures

Company: Goddess Gaia Ventures

Website: https://www.ggventures.co.uk/

Business: Goddess Gaia Ventures (GGVentures) is a female founded venture capital firm who invest in tech, products and solutions that cater towards the service of women’s healthcare.


About Priya And GGVentures

Priya is an entrepreneur, founder and a lawyer by training, who graduated with a BA and MA from Oxford University, attaining a  2.1 in Jurisprudence.

When she and her co-founders formed GGVentures, Priya’s motive was to “pay it forwards”. As a survivor of cancer, she knew how important it was to take care of her health as best she could, from her diet to her mindset, to improve her prognosis. GGVentures was created to help bring solutions to the field of women’s health, which is currently an extremely under-served market.


goddess gaia ventures


The healthcare market is currently worth $12 trillion, but only $1.1 trillion of this concerns the health of women. By investing in female-centred healthcare tech, products, services and devices, the team at GGVentures hope to improve improve the health and wellness of women.

This includes innovations that solely affect women like the menopause, as well as conditions that disproportionately affect women such as autoimmune diseases. It even focuses on health concerns that may affect affect women differently, like heart disease.

Through GGVentures’ pre-series A investments within Health, Wellness and FemTech categories, they invest in founders who want to build extraordinary companies that will be impactful and change the world. They prioritise funding startups formed by under-represented and female founders.

Priya currently is the MD of Oberoi Capital Partners, a regulated company she built from the ground up using her own investment. She has built, managed and run the firm for over ten years, as well as being the Managing and General Partner at GGVentures.


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