What Are The Benefits For Businesses of an 020 Area Code?

By Emma Lewis, bOnline

Businesses and households in both central and Greater London tend to have an 020 area code. The beauty of VoIP digital phone systems like those offered by London-based bOnline is that you can get an 020 number even if your business isn’t geographically located in London at all. And yes, it’s perfectly legal to do that!

How much your business could benefit from having a London number depends on several things, including your products and target market. However, there are potentially some real advantages. Here we take a look.


020 Area Code Offers a Local Presence

A local presence can be especially important for businesses that want to attract and serve customers in the London area. It suggests that your business is situated in or connected to the city.


Geographic Targeting

If your target market is primarily in London, having an 020 area code can help you focus on specific geographic areas within the city. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the local audience.

Trust and Credibility

A local phone number can enhance your business’s credibility and trustworthiness with local customers. Many people feel more comfortable dealing with businesses that have a local presence, as it may indicate that your company is committed to the community.

Competitive Advantage

In industries where competition is high, having a local presence can give you a competitive advantage. Customers often prefer dealing with local businesses, and an 020 area code can help you stand out from competitors located outside the region.

Marketing Opportunities

A local area code can be used strategically in marketing campaigns. It can be part of your branding and promotional materials, showing that your business is based in or serves the London area.

Improved Response Rates

Some customers may be more likely to answer calls from local numbers because they expect them to be relevant to their needs. This can lead to better response rates for your sales and customer service calls.

Ease of Contact

Local customers may find it more convenient to contact your business if they see a familiar 020 area code. It can also reduce long-distance calling charges for your local customers when they call your business.

Networking Opportunities

Being based in a well-known business hub like London can provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other businesses in the area.


Getting an 020 phone number


The landline switch-off is just around the corner, with many small business owners now on the hunt for a digital alternative.

VoIP digital phone systems come with a huge range of benefits, including time and money-saving features like call divert, hold music, call analytics data, voicemail, video calling and much more. Not only that, but when you switch to a digital phone system you can usually keep your existing phone number, or switch to something totally new (like an 020 number of course, or a freephone number).

Digital VoIP phone systems can also be accessed from your smartphone or tablet, making them perfect for working on the go. They can also give your business a more professional look by helping you manage calls more efficiently, and not having to worry about missed calls. All you need is access to the internet (4G, 5G or WIFI) and away you go. International calls will be far cheaper too if included in your monthly fixed price package, and no roaming charges.

Some VoIP providers, like bOnline, actually offer a free trial too. It’s a great way to test out all the business-friendly VoIP phone features without the commitment.

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