Startup Profile: bOnline


bOnline is one of the UK’s best business phone providers, specifically for growing businesses and startups. Established in 2015, bOnline is a VoIP provider that aims to provide better and more affordable digital communication for growing businesses. 


With traditional landlines being switched off by 2025, there is no better time than now to switch to a more modern, digital form of communication. That’s why, bOnline offers products that can help startups grow at fairer rates while helping them prepare for the inevitable big landline switch-off.

About bOnline

Established in 2015, bOnline is a UK-based company that has helped thousands of startups to switch to VoIP phone systems and help grow their businesses. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and is a technology which allows phone calls to be made using broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional analogue phone line. VoIP phone systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses, as not only are they affordable, but they also offer a wide range of benefits.

bOnline offers a variety of VoIP products that enable startups to enter into fairer and shorter contracts than other traditional routes allow, meaning businesses can try their products out properly before making that inevitable switch long-term. They work with no hidden costs and have smaller cancellation fees than many other services, giving startups a fairer chance to grow their business and try new connectivity avenues. 

What VoIP Products do bOnline Offer?

bOnline offers a wide range of products, with each priced fairly and offering a variety of benefits that can help startups grow. Below, you can find all of the products available on bOnline. In addition, startups can even take advantage of bOnline’s Bundle products. 

VoIP Phone Systems – With low monthly costs, a VoIP phone system is a great digital communication option for startups. Easy to install, available on many devices (such as mobile phones, desktops and more), VoIP phone systems have many benefits. They enable users to make calls from anywhere and to any device, and also offer multi-calling for conference calling. Offering flexibility over employees’ location with hybrid working and increasing productivity. (find out more at:

Fibre – bOnline offers fast, unlimited and reliable broadband. Using the same BT Openreach network, bOnline’s fibre still charges customers less. With 20x times faster speed than broadband. 

Broadband – Unlimited business broadband is another product bOnline offers startups. With over a 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot, bOnline guarantees fast internet speed for businesses. 

Websites – With the internet being the primary place nowadays in the digital age for businesses to advertise and grow, bOnline also offers websites to startups. bOnline offers startups their own dedicated certified website designer, with ongoing training and support, to help grow their presence online and elsewhere. 

VoIP for Startups 

VoIP phone systems are built for startups as they are affordable, feature-rich and easy to use with bOnline. They are a great option to consider for startups with small and growing teams, as VoIP business phones can be used anywhere and on almost any device. 

bOnline’s VoIP products enable teams to connect, whether they are working in the office, from home or even abroad. Providing feature-rich services, unlimited calling and multi-calling functions, bOnline’s VoIP phone systems can help startups to become more professional, trusted by customers and increase productivity in the business. 

Being voted many awards, such as Startups. ‘Top 7 VoIP Providers’ in 2022, bOnline continues to challenge digital communication while helping startups flourish.


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