What are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Fleet’s Route Planner?

A route planner is a software used to find the optimal route of travelling to a destination in which a vehicle in your fleet needs to reach. As a business owner, you should ensure you have the best route planner.

If your business has a large fleet, route planning can take hours to make sure all vehicles have the most efficient routes, but with a planner these hours can be turned to minutes. Software like this is ever-changing and with each new version getting better and better; each upgrade will provide your business with more advanced methods of efficiency and productivity; keeping you competitive in your industry.

Fuel Efficiency

If you are wishing to stay within budget or even minimise it in regards to transport cost, like fuel, the latest route planners provide solutions to save time and fuel by creating routes that factor in location, decreasing drivers time spent driving, leading to less fuel being needed, reducing your businesses costs through both fuel and maintenance cost due to fewer miles being travelled in the vehicles, minimising wear and tear.

In addition to these lowered costs, minimising the distance travelled also reduces your companies carbon footprint. Reduced mileage decreases both fuel consumption and emissions for a cleaner environment.

Customer Service

Timeliness and efficiency are the key foundations of good customer service. Faster response times and speedy deliveries increase productivity and create a positive experience for customers, encouraging their loyalty to your business. With state-of-the-art planners, your business can make last-minute adjustments without compromising customer satisfaction and establish a better ‘on-time’ percentage.

Employee Safety

Efficiency is important to any business, but so is the safety of employees. A modern route planner not only maps out a driver’s final destination but also account for the stops the drivers take to rest or eat. These plans prevent drivers spending time on unfamiliar roads searching for places to stop, which will use up fuel, possibly lead to them being caught in traffic and can cause drivers to become anxious due to them straying from their plans. These carefully planned routes allow drivers to overlook them and familiarise themselves with roads.

Fleet Management

A quality route planner can allow you to improve your vehicle management. Many companies have a fixed number of vehicles in their fleet, but they are not always in optimal use, leading to unnecessary costs. Route planning software allows you to evaluate which vehicles are used efficiently and possibly leading to you being able to minimise your fleet, saving cost but still ensuring neither productivity or customer satisfaction suffer, but ultimately making better use of your vehicles.

As well as keeping better control of your fleet by receiving alerts when a vehicle deviates from its planned route and allows the situation to be corrected promptly and minimise the added time to the journey.