What Are The Benefits of VoIP for International Calling?

By Emma Lewis, bOnline

When you run a small business, every penny counts. If you need to call abroad regularly, the costs can mount up scarily quickly, which is why a VoIP digital phone system can offer the perfect solution.

Don’t forget too that landlines are being switched off permanently from the end of next year. It’s not just your phone system you’ll lose either, but potentially other business systems that use the copper landline network.

So why does a VoIP digital phone system work well for small businesses calling abroad? Here we take a look.


Cost Savings


One of the most significant advantages of VoIP for international calling is cost savings. VoIP calls are made digitally over the internet, rather than using traditional landlines, and when you sign up for a VoIP package you can often get an international calls ‘bolt-on’ for a fixed price.

With bOnline it’s between just £5 and £10 a month (plus VAT), depending on the international bolt-on you choose. When you consider that BT charges up to £1.55 a minute for mobile calls from the UK to the US, you can see the potential savings. On top of this, there’s no roaming charges either with VoIP.



VoIP allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. This could be 4G, 5G or Wifi. You can also access cloud-based VoIP on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for international travellers or businesses with bases outside of the UK. 


Lots More Features


VoIP services with bOnline in particular come with a range of features that enhance communication. Features include call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, conference calling, hold music, access to call analytics and more. These features can improve productivity and collaboration, especially for international businesses.


Call Quality


VoIP technology has significantly improved over the years, offering high-quality audio and reliable connections even when calling someone on the other side of the world. This is particularly the case when compared to traditional copper landlines.




VoIP services can integrate with other communication and business tools, such as CRM systems, email clients, and collaboration platforms. This integration streamlines workflows and enhances communication efficiency, particularly for international teams or customer support operations.

Need a CRM?




While VoIP relies on internet connectivity, advancements in network infrastructure and redundancy measures have significantly improved reliability. Many VoIP providers offer service level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted international communication.


Global Presence


VoIP providers like bOnline offer virtual phone numbers with international prefixes, allowing businesses to establish a local presence in multiple countries without physical offices. This can improve customer accessibility and trust, as customers can reach businesses through familiar local numbers.


Is Your Business Ready For VoIP?


The landline switch-off is coming next year, so more and more businesses are making the jump to VoIP. But knowing which one is the best for your small business can be something of a challenge. Signing up for a free 7-day trial is a good way to test out all of the VoIP features on offer, without the commitment. Don’t forget, with bOnline, you can also add international calling as a separate fixed price monthly package, potentially saving a fortune. Can your business afford to miss out?