Can Call Tracking Help your Business Grow?

Reaching more prospects and expanding your business is achievable through a well-tailored marketing plan and the right martech stack. Naturally, using multiple channels to create an effective strategy can help brands generate more quality leads and foster business growth.

Tracking and analytics solutions remain the top-shelf option, enabling companies to maximise their marketing efforts. Many businesses limit their tracking and analytics capabilities by only using a specific tool, like Google Analytics (GA).

While GA can provide valuable insight into website performance, PPC ads, and other advertising campaigns, building and growing your martech stack can empower your business to deal with more data, remove obstacles from your team’s workflow, and leverage analytics.

For instance, by implementing a call tracking and distribution solution, you can measure the performance of ad campaigns that generated phone calls and brought in multiple call and web leads.

Call tracking technology gives real-time data on efforts that generate inbound calls and enquiries so businesses can confidently invest in top-performing lead sources.


The Basics of Call Tracking Functionality


Сall tracking is a system that provides detailed insights into phone calls generated from online and offline marketing efforts. It captures all the essential information, including caller location, call sources, and keywords that triggered inbound calls.

Call tracking software enables brands to conduct detailed analyses of campaigns that drive leads and discover where they fall short.




Call trackers use dynamic number insertion (DNI) and trackable phone numbers to retrieve crucial call data, allowing companies to optimise and scale ad campaigns.

Brands can unlock deeper insights into customer behaviour with dynamic number insertion (DNI)! Through DNI tracking, brands can unlock deeper insights into customer behaviour and determine customers’ path from discovering their website to the target action.

As part of a call tracking system, DNI helps marketers get a clear picture of how visitors connect and engage with different touchpoints that drive them down the sales funnel.

What Data Can Be Captured With Call Tracking Software?


It’s worth briefly describing the process to determine what information can be obtained using call tracking software. First, the system assigns trackable phone numbers to track every active ad campaign and its outcomes accurately.

When a potential client dials one of these numbers and calls the company, the software manages call routing and connects the callers to local agents, call centres, etc. Phone call tracking allows businesses to capture and analyse the following information:

  • The date and time of the call
  • Person’s name or company name
  • Location of the call
  • Device used to contact your business
  • Ad campaign and keywords that triggered the call


What Are The Benefits of Call Tracking?


When searching for the best solutions to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts, many marketing professionals and business owners focus on promotional tools. However, a marketing tool is only useful if it helps potential customers, delivers essential business data, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Hence, businesses need to know their target audience well, and it’s impossible to get all the information they need without inbound call tracking. Without further ado, let’s look at the benefits a phone call tracker software offers and the marketing opportunities it helps brands uncover.


Boost Your Marketing ROI


For every business owner, investments must yield desired results, a.k.a. maximum returns. While savvy businesses invest in omnichannel efforts, they mainly tend to focus on display, mobile, and video advertising, PPC efforts, email marketing, in-app ads, retargeting, and SEO promotion.

That is where call tracking software comes into play. It allows companies to determine the top-performing ad channels and their call attribution accurately. Ultimately, by using phone call intelligence, like call tracking and analytics, businesses can pinpoint which calls converted into successful sales and ensure ROI visibility.


Optimise and Improve Marketing Strategies


There’s no denying that savvy marketers and business owners embrace the power of data that drives marketing campaigns and strategies and helps them understand customer behaviour.




Data-driven marketing is all about leveraging information customers have generated through interactions with your business and third-party sources. That’s why learning about the underlying motives of their calls, interests, and preferences can help companies further improve or even recalibrate their marketing strategies.

Call tracking tools provide knowledge that allows brands to craft personalised messages with relevant content based on specific consumer behaviours while increasing engagement across channels.


Optimise Call Centre Performance


A company’s success only partially depends on the effectiveness of promotional methods and techniques. It has much to do with the quality and effectiveness of phone conversations with clients. Armed with the best call tracking solution that meets your brand’s needs, you can improve customer communication and online interaction. It will help you capture and analyse the following data:


Conversation duration It’s an important indicator that helps determine how high-quality the support of call centre specialists is. Short conversations usually don’t lead to conversions, and long calls, on the contrary, more often contribute to the performance of the target action.
Number of missed calls Information about them lets you understand whether the team is well-equipped to handle inbound calls. A high rate of missed calls indicates that staffing needs to be increased.
The speed of answering calls This indicator also shows whether there are problems in the work of the call centre. Under ideal conditions, the user would wait a few seconds or minutes.

Elevate Customer Experience


For successful customer service, companies must be able to handle multiple client calls and enquiries. While some create in-house call centres for autonomy, others implement solutions like automatic call distribution (ACD) and routing. When paired with call tracking, it offers brands a more effective way to prioritise incoming and outgoing calls while ensuring optimal customer experience every time.

Call management software featuring ACD is an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to offer top-notch customer service. By directing calls according to a company’s chosen method and utilising IVR, the call tracking system can help optimise the user experience through customisation options, self-servicing solutions, and streamlined call flow.


Leverage Granular Reporting


With a phone call tracking system, businesses can gain an all-inclusive look at how their marketing efforts translate into tangible ROI. The granular reporting feature enables them to dive deep with customisable filters and easy comparisons that put data into perspective and show where their campaign stands over time — all to help brands pinpoint potential problems before they become a problem.


Improve Caller Journey


Call tracking technology can help marketers trace caller journeys and make necessary improvements to enhance the customer experience. From IVR systems to ACR routing, numerous software features help streamline calls and improve interactions between customers and brand representatives.

Call tracking offers limitless potential for savvy brands. By analysing inbound calls, companies can better understand what channels, keywords, landing pages, and campaigns are driving their call traffic and create more effective and impactful marketing strategies.

With the right call tracking for business, entrepreneurs can unlock the essential features that can aid their brands on their journey toward growth — all thanks to harnessing the power of phone conversations. After all, when empowered with reliable intelligence about every inbound and outbound call, brands can strengthen established bonds with customers.