Fuelling Everyone’s Best: MISFITS Health


MISFITS have, since 2016 been producing and providing innovative, high quality protein products and nutrition for a wider audience than traditionally targeted by other protein makers and manufacturers. Keen to break the mould and bust the myths around protein supplementation. Co-founded by Tara Adlestone, we wanted to find out more about MISFITS and what makes them tick, to find out more about this exciting, UK-based company.

Hi Tara, so who are MISFITS and why the name?

MISFITS is a lifestyle wellness brand that exists to help our consumers fuel their best with all natural, evidence-based, everyday products. Right now we have protein powders and snacks in our range, and we have loads of really exciting new products launching in 2019.

We named the brand MISFITS because we are female-focused and because we celebrate individuality, adventure and non-conformity.

Who are the founders of MISFITS?

MISFITS was founded by myself and two old friends of mine, Henry and Jacob. We are all massively different and I think that has been key to our success to date.


What is MISFITS Nutrition all about?

MISFITS exists to help our consumers fuel their best. The products we make are functional and are designed to be everyday allies as our consumers go about their busy lives. Whether they are working out or working late, our consumers enjoy our products to boost their well being. We have been amazed by the reception we have had since we launched. We are not even two years old, yet our products are now enjoyed by tens of thousands of customers nationwide and we have delivered products to customers in over 30 countries this year.

What inspired you to start MISFITS in the first place?

I remember being in my first job working night shifts, feeling really run down and looking for a brand to support my general health and well being. All I could find were either really regressive weight loss meal replacement brands or really masculine, gym-orientated brands. This was when I thought there needed to be a progressive, positive wellness brand that catered for the female part of the market, offering a more holistic approach to wellness. Our ultimate aim is to make MISFITS the go-to brand for women looking to improve their health and well being, with a massive variety of product categories.

There are loads of protein companies…what makes you different?

Almost all the brands in the market are either really regressive weight loss meal replacement brands or really masculine, gym-orientated brands. MISFITS is a breath of fresh air in the industry, stripping away the BS and stating the facts. We are here to help our consumers fuel their best all year round, and act as an everyday ally. We do not promise overnight transformations and quick fixes. We say it how it is. Your body is for life, not just for summer.

What are your signature products?

Our bestselling product is our Vegan Protein Multitasker, which is a protein powder with added essential nutrients. Our Protein Wonderballs are our most widely distributed product, and can be found in around 1,500 stores nationwide.


Who are you targeting?

We target 20 to 45 year old women in the UK that are active-ish. This group are engaged with their health and well being and are actively looking for products that fit in with their routines. Our top quality, all natural, evidence-based products are a perfect fit and a lot of our consumers will enjoy our products daily.

What are you hoping MISFITS will achieve?

We want to grow MISFITS to become the global go-to brand for women looking to improve their health and well being. We really believe no brand is dominating in this space and with more and more people arriving to this category we think it is such an exciting time to be a start up in this space. We want to see MISFITS products in stores worldwide!

What does the future hold for MISFITS?

Right now we are working with some amazing retail partners, and our key focus is to nurture these relationships. We have some really exciting products launching early 2019 that will be UK firsts, so we are looking forward to getting them to market. Watch this space!

How can we find you?

Find us at missfitsnutrition.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @misfitshealth