Gravity Co. A Destination for Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Gravity Co are on a mission to improve the lives of today’s rental generation globally, through a community-centred, effortless, and borderless living experience by removing the pain points of renting and creating a global consumer-first renting model as more millennials seek experiences and convenience over ownership, move towards the sharing economy. Gravity has five properties strong in two of the UK’s most renowned tech hubs (London and Reading). Gravity has firmly established itself in the south as the destination for tech professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A catalyst for personal and professional development, Gravity has created a living experience that continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its members. To make renting as hassle-free as possible, Gravity properties are home to over 300 professionals from all over the world. But what are the key contributing factors that have made this co-living and PRS brand so attractive?

Work From Home Setups

With an increasing number of professionals working from home, Gravity offers access to co-working spaces within its properties, supporting both individuals and companies alike who have either shifted to a part or full remote working structure. Designed with co-working at their core, these areas offer all that’s needed to make working from home a breeze and provide a welcomed work ‘away from the bedroom’ setup.

For those starting their own business, these areas are also spaces for collaboration and provide opportunities for professional connections to be made with other like-minded members, helping to further grow professional networks.

Partnerships Supporting Start-Ups 

Professional Growth is one of Gravity’s key pillars of the community.

These pillars are additional layers, offered to enhance members’ living experiences that further challenge the norm of traditional private rental. Partly explored through events and networking (which we’ll come onto), this is also activated through curated partnerships, a proportion of which are enlisted to support Gravity entrepreneurs, such as Gravity’s partnership with business financial platform Tide that supports members with business registration and business banking needs.


At the very core of Gravity’s DNA is flexibility. And as the pandemic has proven, never has it been so important. Though professionals are increasingly able to work from a range of locations – be it working from home, offices, co-working spaces, cafes or even hotel lobbies, there are still always times when your career may take you a little further than least expected.

Greatly aware of how circumstances can change, and change quickly, as well as offering rental agreements that vary in length (1 – 12 months), should someone need to move out sooner than expected, Gravity’s flexible policy requires just 4 weeks’ notice.


Located where tech is thriving and with four out of five situated in the capital, Gravity properties have been carefully selected to ensure they’re not only well connected to the city’s transport network but are also surrounded by a variety of local amenities to help support a less-stressful living experience.

A short 25-minute train journey from the capital, Gravity’s fifth and newest property can be found in the heart of Reading. Referred to as the UK’s very own Silicone Valley, it’s one of the UK’s most thriving tech hubs with some huge tech players in the market who have opted to base themselves out of the town. Companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Visa, Erricson and Huawei.

But also, this town is a great place for tech entrepreneurs as Reading not only fosters tech learning through the University of Reading’s Science and Technology Centre, but also has run numerous courses designed to support new business ideas such as workshops and start-up boot camps.

Event and Connections

As well as supporting professional success, Gravity also understands that work (even when working from home) and social life require balance.

In addition to creating events that focus on enhancing professional development (such as workshops, discussions and talks from both guest and live-in entrepreneurs) Gravity also run and facilitate social events. Whether it’s a communal dinner, summer BBQ, pub quiz, craft experience or night at the movies, Gravity drive activities that bring members together to help them relax, unwind and most importantly, have fun.


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