Sue Welland and Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral as a phrase and a concept, since being introduced to the UK and wider world by Sue Welland, green entrepreneur and pioneer, has become synonymous with the green credentials of businesses, organisations and large and small companies the world over. 

From the creation of the CarbonNeutral Company by Sue in the early 2000s, the concept of carbon neutrality simply took hold and fast forward to 2024 and more businesses than ever before are striving for this standard.

Many people feel powerless and unable to truly do anything meaningful in the face of climate change, with the weather and climate we all enjoy and experience being something seemingly unable to be controlled in any meaningful way.

Sue Welland, inventor and creator of Carbon Neutral

However, as a passionate defender and champion of our climate and the environments in which we live, Sue Welland has helped create a gold standard for us all to strive towards. The ambiguity often associated with action to help and positively influence our climate and the world we live in is slowly disappearing with concrete actions now able to be taken. 


Developing Carbon Neutral and The Future


Having pioneered the concept of Carbon Neutral, Welland has sought to expand upon it and throughout her laudable career thus far, she has done more than most to help companies, businesses and some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world work towards a cleaner contribution to our environment.

As Sue Welland explains: “There was a time when going ‘green’ was very expensive, but it is now more commonplace than ever and prices have come down. New green offers have entered the marketplace, with retrofit solar for example helping consumers and businesses save on their electricity bills from day one.”

It should not be overlooked that when it comes to such a widespread concept and term as Carbon Neutral is, Sue Welland is and was the pioneer, rather than as many expect, a large multinational through their ESG policy or similar.

Having been one of the founders of HomeSun and now involved in other green and clean energy projects and businesses, Sue is setting her sights high and remains ambitious about helping the UK and wider world achieve carbon neutral status as soon as possible.


How We Can Move To Carbon Neutrality By Sue Welland


When it comes to some of the best and most straightforward ways in which to go carbon neutral, Sue Welland makes no secret of the fact that although there is of course some effort needed whether you are a homeowner, landlord or otherwise, it has never been easier to actively work towards improving your carbon footprint. Moreover, for individuals to truly reach carbon neutral status, there are more tools than ever to assist in this important journey.

As Welland explains: “Solar panels can be installed in a wide range of locations, from huge manufacturing rooftop to homes. They are highly scalable; suitable for both small-scale residential use and large-scale industrial applications.”

Having invented and created the Carbon Neutral concept and now developing and innovating in that very same space and industry, Sue Welland is conscious about the challenges ahead but is bullish about the fact that getting more people and more businesses carbon neutral, is closer than ever before.