Startup Profile: Electron Green

Electron Green are one of the UK’s leading solar providers for commercial and industrial buildings. Having revolutionised the residential solar market, Electron Green have now moved into the commercial space to bring solar energy to businesses across Europe.


About Electron Green

In 2010, the Electron Green team created the ‘Free Solar’ sector with the FIT (Feed in Tariff) scheme to disrupt the residential energy market and put solar at the forefront. For the first time ever, UK homeowners could have a solar PV system on their roofs and use the electricity free of charge.

The same team is now working to do the same with commercial and industrial rooftops around the country. Electron Green have dedicated themselves to the renewable energy sector and believe that rooftop solar can be a green power station if only it is utilised.


What Does Electron Green Do?

Electron Green can install its own solar system onto any commercial or industrial roof, free of charge. As the client, you will simply have to pay for the solar electricity that is produced at a discounted and fixed rate. There are a number of benefits to the Electron Green scheme, but in particular, there is no capital investment required from clients, they work with both landlords and tenants, and Electron Green will take care of everything from solar development to construction management and financing. With the Electron Green business model, it’s a win-win.


The Big Green Billion

According to the Electron Green team, there are millions of square meters of empty industrial and commercial rooftops all over the country which could be used to generate low-cost electricity for British businesses. In order to help tackle this huge effort, Electron Green is investing £1 billion into solar PV and installing free systems onto the rooftops. This Big Green Billion project is aimed to help businesses save money while also benefitting the energy sector by encouraging more people to switch to solar.


Who Can Benefit From Electron Green’s Solar Projects?

No matter whether you are a landlord, occupier or tenant, everyone can benefit from the Big Green Billion project and take advantage of solar energy. As a portfolio landlord, installing solar panels onto your commercial rooftop could generate value for your building and cut carbon emissions. Electron Green is able to deploy solutions at scale so no matter the size of your building, the team can help.

Plus, as an owner occupier or leasehold tenant, the unique solar electricity service will cut costs without requiring you to change utility suppliers. Electron Green can simply mix the energy produced from solar panels with your existing supply to reduce your monthly outgoings, making it a great option for all involved.

Find out more about Electron Green and their renewable energy investments on their website.