The Ultimate Guide To Licensing For Bingo Operators

With stringent anti-money laundering regulations, complex licensing procedures, and heavy fines for noncompliance in the UK gambling industry, online bingo operators must ensure they are up to scratch on the legal side. This guide provides an overview of the key licensing requirements for UK bingo operators, helping them to understand and navigate the complex regulations of UK gaming licenses.

The UK Regulatory Framework

For any online gaming website operating in the United Kingdom, a requirement is an operational license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Additionally, all executives of these businesses must also obtain individual licenses called personal management licenses to continue providing their services.

To stay ahead of the curve, online casinos must constantly update their policies and practices to keep up with an ever-evolving industry. Ensuring that they continue complying with License Conditions & Codes of Practice (LCCP), modern operators use cutting-edge gaming technology to promote socially responsible gambling in a safe environment. Adhering to the responsible gambling codes of practice is essential, as failure to do so may lead to a casino operator losing their license.

A range of licenses exists to accommodate the various sectors that comprise the online gaming industry. Let’s explore the several kinds of licenses that a UK online bingo site may possess.

Types of Licence for New Online Bingo Sites

UK online bingo sites can hold either a remote bingo operating license or a remote bingo (game host) license. It’s up to you which one best suits your business needs.

An up-to-date remote operating license is essential for operators in the United Kingdom looking to provide bingo games over a range of platforms – such as interactive TV services, radio technology, and mobile devices. Acting as your digital ticket into one of Britain’s most popular pastimes, this license will ensure you can offer bingo players all across Great Britain unforgettable experiences from the comfort of their homes!

Alternatively, software developers whose games are hosted by bingo sites but don’t operate independently can acquire a remote gambling (game host) license. A critical aspect of this license is that the licensee will have no direct contact with players, and their games must be exclusively available through an outside platform.

What You’ll need to Apply for a Gaming License

To apply for the Bingo gaming license as an individual or group, you must be 18 years of age or older, no matter your geographic location. Additionally, all applicants should include a description and list of gambling activities authorized by the license in their application. These gambling business activities must adhere to the UK Gambling Commission’s License Conditions & Codes of Practice. Submit your applications through the Gambling Commission’s website to finish the process. To make your application a success, here are some of the must-have requirements:

  • The individual’s and any connected individuals’ identities are pertinent to the applicant.
  • The potential employee’s background, qualifications, knowledge, and prior work experience.
  • Financial statements that guarantee the longevity of your business once licensed;
  • Criminal record

For an all-encompassing look at the legal requirements of the Gambling Act 2005, be sure to check out Licensing, compliance, and enforcement. There you will find a full list of prerequisites for adherence.


The application process for an operating licence typically takes 16 weeks, necessitating a thorough review of operator identity documents, policy documents, financial records, and key personnel information by the Commission. The investigation associated with these materials is rigorous to ensure successful completion.


Potential applicants must pay an application fee before being considered for approval. If the individual is approved and receives a license, they need to cover their first annual fee within 30 days of obtaining the permit. Subsequent payments will be made on an annual basis and exact figures can easily be obtained by using the Gambling Commission’s online calculator.

How Easy or Difficult is it to Create a Legal and Reliable Bingo Site??

Creating a legal and reliable bingo site is not an easy task. You need to make sure it complies with gambling laws and gambling commission regulations in the region. In addition, due to gambling legislation, you may be required to acquire a gambling license and use gaming operators that are licensed and regulated as well. Depending on where your business is based, British-based equipment and gambling software will generally be preferred.

Furthermore, protection of clients’ deposits or winnings, identity verification, and hosting secure payment methods all occupy the gaming operator’s to-do list when setting up a bingo site. On the technical side, you will need a team of developers to design, develop, and maintain the software used with your bingo site. This includes ensuring that games are fair and random as well as providing an intuitive customer experience.

Overall, creating a legal and reliable bingo site requires expertise in many different areas including gambling laws, technical know-how, and customer support. It is a complex undertaking that requires thorough research and patience to ensure all legal requirements are met before launching the site.

What Are The Downsides of a UK Gambling Licence?

One of the main restrictions imposed by UKGC at the moment has to do with offerings based on DeFi. To be clear though; using digital currencies as a payment method is not fully outlawed in this jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies makes it almost impractical for operators to accept them while still maintaining compliance with strict anti-money laundering protocols mandated by the UKGC. If you dream of launching an online casino based on cryptocurrency, then obtaining a British license is highly unlikely at the present moment.

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most reputable and well-respected gambling authorities in the world. From April to September 2020, the British gambling industry produced a total gross yield of £5.9 billion (€7 billion / $7.96 billion as of November 2021). Amazingly, 52.3% or £3.1 billion came from remote sources alone! When taking into account these profitable statistics, it’s no wonder why operators are so drawn to the British online gambling market.

However, obtaining any of the UK gambling licenses is not an easy task. It requires the applicant to meet all of the legal requirements set by the Commission and also necessitates a thorough review of operator identity documents, policy documents, financial records, and critical personnel information.

For those willing to take on these challenges and make the required investments in this online gambling business, having a UK gambling license can lead to great success in the online gambling industry.

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