Top 10 Red Teaming Services and Companies

What is Red Teaming ?

Red teaming in its basic form is essentially checking the security vulnerabilities of a website or business. Red Team Operations aim to improve your assets readiness through a realistic security incident drill that can target your organisation’s cyber, physical, and human information security elements.


How Does Red Teaming Work?

Cyber security red team operations aim to create a penetration test that involves ethical hackers trying to break into a computer system, with no element of surprise. The blue team which is the defending team is aware of the penetration test and has to defend itself. A red-team assessment is similar to a penetration test, but is more targeted. The goal is to test the organisation’s detection and response capabilities.


Why Does My Firm Need Red Teaming Services?

Many people have asked themselves this question. However its not a novel idea that  you would much rather employ someone to test your security capabilities than have a real intruder test your security capabilities. Red teaming helps a business remain competitive while securing its business interests by leveraging social engineering and physical, application, and network penetration testing to find ways to shore up your defences.

TechRound is committed to the safety of your business, as a result we have compiled a top 10 list of all the best Read Teaming services so you can compare and contrast services with ease.


1: Paladion



About: Don’t wait until a real-world cyber criminal attacks to find the gaps in your security controls. Paladion’s Red Team services lets you perform a “live fire” Red Team cyber security test to identify (and fix) holes in your defense—before malicious actors expose them for you.




Paladion’s Red Team security services will simulate an attack against your network, showing you exactly how your people and security protocols will perform under pressure when it comes to protecting your organisation’s data.






About: A Red Team Operation from Redscan is designed to far exceed the remit of traditional security testing by rigorously challenging the effectiveness of technology, personnel and processes to detect and respond to a highly targeted attack conducted over an extended period of time.




Redscan aims to gain access to a segmented environment holding sensitive data.Taking control of an IoT device or a specialist piece of equipment. Try to compromise the account credentials of a company director. Obtaining physical access to a server room.


3: Deloitte



About: During red teaming engagements, Deloitte Luxembourg’s Red Team, composed of experienced cyber security specialists, designs realistic attack scenarios using gathered open source intelligence (OSINT) and threat intelligence relevant to your organisation, and its IT infrastructure, personnel and premises.




Each attack scenario has a specific and tangible objective tailored to your organisation (a.k.a critical functions or flags), which, under other circumstances, would cause significant damage to your organisation’s assets, reputation or regulatory compliance. The Red Team will then proceed with the defined scenario, by mimicking the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-life threat actors, putting your organisation’s incident response and crisis management team (i.e. the blue team) to the test. For the operation to be effective, it is essential that the blue team members are not aware that the attack originates from a planned Red Team engagement. This will ensure they react as if a real security incident was underway.



4: Rootshell Security



About: Simulate the entire lifecycle of a real-world cyber-attack. Rootshell Security’s Red Team as a Service fully assesses your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to sophisticated attack scenarios.


 Rootshell Security


Our in-depth, intelligence-driven red team service puts your security techniques, processes, and personnel to the test. You will gain full visibility of your security strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, amplifying your situational awareness and empowering you to improve your defences. We closely tailor our red team assessments to your organisation and offer an ongoing subscription to support you against ever-evolving cyber threats.





About: JUMPSEC has a unique UK based team of expert ethical hackers and security analysts. Since 2012, JUMPSEC has been helping businesses to overcome the continuously evolving cyber threat landscape through penetration testing and other services.




JUMPSEC does this by offering a suite of services catering to different needs and risk profiles. By working in partnership with an organisation, JUMPSEC is able to help defend against cyber threats, tailoring their services to different organisation’s needs, budgets and desired security posture.

The company does this via their assurance services, where they assist organisations who are testing their IT infrastructure – while their Managed Security Services help to protect organisations continuously around the clock. As well as this, JUMPSEC offers Cyber Strategy and Transform Consultancy Services to help organisations improve their overall cybersecurity position and knowledge.



6: McAfee


About: Prepare your internal security team or security operations center (SOC) through a controlled, realistic attack simulation. By deploying various traditional and non-traditional penetration testing and social engineering techniques over a realistic timeline, we help you ascertain that your organisation can detect and respond to the latest types of cyberattacks.


Our Red Team services can help you:
1) Experience, assess, and remediate a real-world breach attempt in a controlled environment.
2) Identify and protect your most critical assets and vulnerabilities.
3) Reduce your response time to events and incidents.



7: Red Team Security



About: RedTeam Security is an offensive security firm that educates clients, identifies security risks, informs intelligent business decisions, and enables you to reduce your attack surface digitally, physically and socially.


Red Team Security


At RedTeam Security, we consider the delivery and reporting phase to be the most important and we take great care to ensure we’ve communicated the value of our service and findings thoroughly. Our penetration testing and Red Teaming deliverables consists of an electronic report that includes several key components including, but not limited to: Executive Summary, Scope, Findings, Evidence, Tools and Methodology.


8: Sure Cloud



About: SureCloud’s Simulated Red Teaming services go beyond traditional penetration testing.

Sure Cloud

SureCloud’s Red-Team cyber-attack simulation service uses real-world scenarios, threat intelligence, and a combination of physical, network, and social attack vectors to help identify where your organisation may be vulnerable.





About: CyberArk Red Team services are designed to provide a safe way for security operations teams to test their ability to effectively defend against cyber-attacks on their computer and development environments. The CyberArk Red Team specialises in adversary simulation, and by using a variety of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), they have developed expertise to specifically exploit cloud and hybrid environments, as well as DevOps pipelines and processes.

A Red Team engagement can provide clients with an attacker’s perspective and deep insight into the security strengths and weaknesses of their cloud and on-premises environments. Engagements will also define a baseline from which future security improvements can be measured.



10: Aoitgroup



About: The key to having the most robust security is testing your defences through the mindset of a cyber-criminal, and our ingenious red teaming experts know all the latest tricks of the trade.


We combine tactics such as physical security testing, social engineering and human manipulation to carry out a simulated real-world cyber attack targeting your people, processes and technology. We assess your defences, determine your weak spots and recommend how to strengthen your defences.



What is Red Teaming? 

Red teaming is essentially checking the security vulnerabilities of a website or business. Red Team Operations aim to improve your assets readiness through a realistic security incident drill that can target your organisation’s cyber, physical, and human information security elements. A company can identify any vulnerabilities that your business has and then give you a list of suggestions and actions to protect yourself from future attacks.


How Much Does Red Teaming Cost? 

Red Teaming tend to start from around £1,000 but can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business. Each company has different techniques and pricing and the best thing to do is get in touch and ask for a quote!


How Long Does Red Teaming Take?

Red Teaming tends to take a few weeks, depending on size and complexity of the business. You can sometimes hear of red teaming being completed in just a few days.


What Are The Alternatives To Red Teaming?

A common alternative is Penetration Testing or Pen Test, also known as ethical hacking,  this an  authorised attempt to break into networks or software programs to prevent the risk of cyber criminals hacking it. Once the system is explored, vulnerabilities are detected and are then evaluated and improved, inhaling the security of the system. The network professionals have a large understanding of cybersecurity, illustrating clear links between penetration testing and network defence and then fixing any security issues.

Through this planned “attack” on a computer system, companies use the same process a hacker would use to hack into a business network or website. Once the vulnerability is found, it is used to exploit the system to gain access to the featured data.