Top 5 Small Business Broadband Providers


Whether you have a small business and work from home or in an office, using usual broadband can get you by fine. However, there are many advantages to switching to a business broadband provider. Not only could it save you money in doing so, but it could also help grow your small business by having faster and more reliable broadband. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about switching to business broadband, such as: 

  • What Is Business Broadband? 
  • What to Look for in a Business Broadband Provider 
  • The Top 5 Business Broadband Providers for Small Businesses 

What Is Business Broadband? 

Broadband, to simply put it, connects you to the internet. Business broadband, therefore, is a type of broadband designed with businesses in mind. The main thing that sets business broadband apart from home broadband is its speed. 

At home, broadband is used for personal use. For example, for streaming services online. However, businesses will need a higher bandwidth when it comes to broadband due to employees using the internet constantly to either upload files or to communicate with one another and/or customers. 

Though business broadband is generally more expensive than home broadband, it may save you time, and therefore money, when it comes to your everyday business needs. 

What to Look for in a Business Broadband Provider 

Regardless of the industry your business may be in, there are key factors to consider when switching to a business broadband provider. For instance, if you are considering upgrading to a business broadband provider then you should consider: 

  • Pricing: What can your business afford monthly? What is your budget? 
  • Speed: How many Mbps (megabits per second) does the provider offer? How quickly do you need to download things while working? 
  • Customer Reviews: What do people say about the company online? 
  • Additional Features: Would you require any add-ons e.g. 4G backup if the internet connection goes down? 

With the above in mind, you’ll be set to find a good business broadband provider for your small business. If not, read our top 5 business broadband providers in the UK below to help you better decide! 

Best Broadband Providers for Small Businesses in the UK

1. bOnline


bOnline ranks at number 1 for business broadband on our list because it’s the most affordable broadband for business in the UK, one of the main factors small businesses and startups in the UK must consider when looking for business broadband. 

Unlike larger companies that may be more well-known in the scene of broadband, bOnline doesn’t trap customers into inflexible or costly contracts. Instead, they have free setup costs and inexpensive monthly prices starting at £13.95. Without a doubt, bOnline is one to consider if you’re a small or medium size business looking to buy fast unlimited business broadband that won’t break the bank.  

2. Zen 


Another great business broadband provider is Zen – an independent business founded in 1995 and is based in Rochdale. Zen offers business broadband, similarly to bOnline does, to both small and growing businesses. So, if you’re a startup or growing business with your sights set on rapid growth – then, Zen may be able to quickly adapt its services for you. 

However, Zen business broadband prices start at a higher rate than bOnline. Hence, a factor to consider if you’re on a budget.  

3. xln


With a 5-star rated service, xln is one to consider if customer reviews matter most to you. Just like the best business broadband providers, xln will tailor their services and broadband bundles as your small business grows. 

Though xln’s starting prices are relatively higher when compared to other competitors, they do also offer a ‘Guest Wifi’ package starting at £15. This specific broadband would be great for small businesses, such as cafés, that require an internet connection for their customers. 

4. TalkTalk Business 


TalkTalk Business has over 25 years of experience in dealing with companies of varying sizes and industry backgrounds. However, because of this, their basic prices do start at a rate of £17.95 per month. 

Nevertheless, while their prices may be higher than average, TalkTalk has a reliable and relatively fast internet speed. Although it’s not the fastest in the game, TalkTalk Business may be right for your small business if you are looking for a stable and hassle-free connection. 

5. Vodafone Business 


In the coming years, Vodafone has pledged to invest £2 billion into their services and broadband network. Hence, one of the best business broadband providers small businesses may want to consider switching to in the UK. 

Their prices, nonetheless, do start at a basic rate of £16.95 a month for superfast business broadband. Similarly to other larger providers, Vodafone does charge a more expensive rate due to their years of experience. Yet, they do offer business broadband £283 cheaper than BT’s 76Mbps basic plan.