Top 10 UK Business Cybersecurity Providers

An often overlooked aspect of running a business is the importance of good cybersecurity. To keep your operations running smoothly, prevent the loss of data, and avoid intellectual theft, making room in your budget for cybersecurity services is paramount. 

Here, we take a look at TechRound’s top 10 UK business cybersecurity providers who go above and beyond to keep your company secure.


1. Lucidica


Lucidica emerges as a prominent player in the realm of cybersecurity, offering comprehensive solutions to safeguard businesses’ digital assets. Renowned for its expertise and reliability, Lucidica caters to a diverse range of industries, providing tailored cybersecurity services designed to mitigate risks and fortify digital defences. With a focus on proactive threat management and adherence to industry standards, Lucidica’s solutions encompass a wide spectrum of cybersecurity domains. 

From risk assessment and penetration testing to managed security services and incident response, Lucidica empowers organisations to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, Lucidica equips clients with the tools and insights needed to combat cyber threats effectively. Whether it’s securing cloud environments, protecting against data breaches, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Lucidica stands as a trusted partner in the pursuit of digital resilience and peace of mind.


2. Intercede


In the realm of cybersecurity, where identity and credential theft pose significant threats, Intercede emerges as a stalwart defender. As a reputable UK-based cybersecurity company, Intercede specialises in identity security and credential management through its patented credential management system. Primarily serving governmental bodies in the US and UK, as well as large enterprises, Intercede aims to safeguard the most sensitive systems, credentials, and data of its clients.

Intercede’s solutions offer maximum protection against data breaches, focusing on:

  • Digital Identity Management for citizens, the workforce, and supply chains
  • Compliance adherence
  • Technological solutions such as FIDO, Digital ID Registration, Mobile Authentication, and PKI for robust identity and credential management

By addressing the vulnerability of stolen credentials in today’s digital landscape, Intercede fortifies its clients against security breaches.


3. Adarma


Formerly known as ECS Security, Adarma ranks among the UK’s premier cybersecurity companies, serving successful FTSE 350 firms. As an independent cybersecurity vendor, Adarma provides transparent security solutions against cyber threats, focusing on threat management, data security, and analytics.


Adarma offers four core cybersecurity solutions:

  • Managed Security, encompassing SOC, MDR, EDR, Vulnerability Scanning, Cloud Security, and Threat Advisory
  • Security Consulting, offering Strategy and Transformation, Advisory & Assessments, Technology & Engineering, and Cloud Security services
  • Incident Response, covering Readiness, Simulation, and Playbook Development
  • Threat Intelligence, enhancing cyber resiliency and ensuring compliance with industry standards

By delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, Adarma empowers corporations to fortify their cyber defences and mitigate risks effectively.

4. Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young (EY), a renowned consulting firm, extends its expertise to cybersecurity services, focusing on data protection, risk mitigation, and compliance analysis. Catering to organisations of all sizes, Ernst & Young offers guidance and consulting services on data security, access, privacy, strategy, compliance, risk management, and mitigation.

Ernst & Young’s cybersecurity services assess organisations’ cyber risk posture and capabilities, providing insights into the effectiveness of their cybersecurity measures. By equipping clients with valuable information, Ernst & Young facilitates informed decision-making regarding cybersecurity posture in the boardroom.


5. Sapphire Cybersecurity


Established in 1996, Sapphire Cybersecurity ranks among the UK’s top cybersecurity firms, delivering effective solutions tailored to diverse businesses. Specialising in managed security operations services and cybersecurity consultancy, Sapphire secures physical hardware, develops customised security strategies, and manages cloud risks.

Sapphire Cybersecurity enables companies to outsource security operations, offering skills, infrastructure, and resilience to enhance cybersecurity posture. While not as intricate as competitors, Sapphire’s solutions effectively address vulnerabilities that lead to data phishing or credential theft.


6. Darktrace


Founded in 2013 by mathematics and machine learning experts, Darktrace is an AI-based cybersecurity company focused on protecting larger businesses and government agencies. Leveraging machine learning technology, Darktrace monitors and protects client data and digital assets across various platforms, including Cloud, Apps, IoT, email, and endpoints.

Darktrace fortifies network environments against sophisticated cyber attacks through a four-step approach:

  • Darktrace Prevent, prioritising vulnerability remediation and bolstering cyber defences
  • Darktrace Detect, using AI algorithms to monitor digital ecosystems for threat actors
  • Darktrace Respond, orchestrating a targeted reaction to identified threats
  • Darktrace Heal, restoring cyber health post-attack


7. Corax


Specialising in cyber risk quantification (CRQ) services, Corax offers predicted financial insights on expected losses from cyber events. Founded in 2014, Corax utilises predictive cyber models driven by extensive research to quantify risks for enterprises, individuals, and government bodies.

By collating security intelligence and analysing digital ecosystems, Corax computes financial damages from cyber risks, enabling businesses to prioritise cybersecurity investments effectively.


8. Capita


Employing approximately 10,000 individuals, Capita stands as one of the largest cybersecurity firms in the UK. Offering consulting, transformation, and digital services, Capita delivers robust security solutions to combat cybercriminals and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Capita’s cybersecurity solutions encompass assessment and testing services, information security management, managed security services, compliance, and data protection, providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats.


9. Clearswift


Specialising in email and web app security, Clearswift operates globally as part of Fortra’s portfolio. Offering preventative tools for businesses of all sizes, Clearswift ensures the protection of sensitive data and digital assets through advanced email security, data loss prevention, web security, and compliance solutions.

By safeguarding data gateways and ensuring compliance with industry standards, Clearswift protects businesses from data breaches and privacy violations.


10. Sophos


A globally recognised vendor, Sophos caters to the needs of enterprises, individuals, and small businesses. Specialising in Managed Threat Detection and Response solutions, as well as Endpoint Security, Sophos shields users, networks, and endpoints from malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Powered by AI, threat intelligence, and machine learning, Sophos offers comprehensive cybersecurity services, including endpoint protection, security operations, network security, email, and cloud security.