Top 10 Penetration Testing Companies For UK Startups

Penetration testing is a crucial aspect of cyber security as it helps organisations to identify vulnerabilities in their systems and networks before they can be exploited by malicious actors. It involves simulating real-world attacks on a company’s system to assess their security posture and responses. Pen testing has therefore proven to be a vital cyber security measure for many businesses. In the UK, there are numerous companies who specialise in penetration testing services for startups. Take a look at TechRound’s top 10.

1. ThreatSpike


At the number 1 spot is ThreatSpike – a leading penetration testing company in the UK. Threatspike offer a range of key cyber security services including network and web application penetration testing, wireless security testing, and social engineering assessments. Their team of experienced security professionals utilise advanced methodologies and tools to identify cyber vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive reports for their clients. ThreatSpike offer a free 7-day trial for their next-generation managed security, as well as fixed costs and transparent pricing , ensuring all their customers are cared for and can access expert cyber security tools. When it comes to pen testing and security, ThreatSpike are the top choice in the UK.


2. Cyber Tec Security


Cyber Tec Security is another top UK pen testing company that is renowned for its experienced team, advanced methods, and tailored services. At Cyber Tec Security, the team helps businesses enhance their security, protect against cyber threats, and provide detailed vulnerability assessments. They offer a range of cyber services including cyber insurance, managed threat detection, and cyber essentials, alongside penetration testing. The reputation of Cyber Tec positions them as a trusted choice for UK organisations seeking a robust penetration testing solution.


3. Cobalt


Cobalt is a well-known name in the field of penetration testing and vulnerability management. Offering a wide range of services such as infrastructure and application testing, red teaming, and mobile application security assessments, Cobalt are able to provide extensive cyber solutions to UK customers. Each of their penetration testers have undergone a strict vetting process to find the best performers for their services. Cobalt’s platform combines human-led expertise with powerful technology to deliver accurate and actionable reports for businesses of all sizes.


4. Breachlock


As a dynamic penetration testing company, Breachlock helps organisations proactively identify and address cyber weaknesses. Breachlock offer a comprehensive suite of services, including network and web application testing, cloud security assessments, and social engineering simulations. Their platform emphasizes continuous monitoring and remediation to ensure ongoing protection for all customers, establishing Breachlock as a top 10 pen testing company in the UK.


5. Blaze


Blaze is another UK-based penetration testing company known for its advanced technical capabilities and commitment to delivering high-quality services. They specialise in testing web applications, cloud environments, and mobile applications. Blaze’s experienced team of ethical hackers and security experts provides in-depth assessments and practical recommendations to fortify their customers’ defences. They pride themselves on performing technical excellence, having a passion for cyber security, and offering a global experience, so no matter where you are, Blaze Information Security could help defend against cyber threats.


6. Redscan


Redscan is an award-winning cyber security company that offers penetration testing and managed detection and response services. The Kroll business provides both internal and external pen testing, focusing on identifying vulnerabilities across networks, applications, and infrastructure. Redscan’s expertise lies in delivering comprehensive evaluations and helping other organisations to improve their cyber security posture. Redscan also strive to deliver the highest standards of customer support, so customers can feel reassured in their services.


7. Intruder


A leading provider of cyber weakness scans and penetration testing services is Intruder. Founded in 2015, their user-friendly platform enables businesses to easily identify vulnerabilities in their systems and prioritise remediation efforts. Intruder’s services include network scanning, web application testing, and continuous monitoring to help businesses stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.


8. Citation Cyber


Citation Cyber specialises in providing penetration testing and cyber security consulting services to organisations across various sectors. They offer comprehensive testing services, including infrastructure assessments, application testing, and social engineering evaluations. The Citation Cyber team of certified professionals work closely with customers and clients to deliver tailored security solutions worthy of a top 10 spot.


9. Dhound


Dhound is a UK-based cyber security company that focuses on web application and API security. They deliver penetration testing services aimed to recognise weaknesses in web applications, conduct security code reviews, and assist organisations in implementing secure development practices, among other cyber security services. Dhound’s specialised expertise helps clients to protect their critical web assets effectively and in a straightforward manner.


10. Aardwolf Security


Finally, Aardwolf Security is a trusted UK provider of penetration testing services offering customers a range of assessments. Their cyber services include external and internal pen testing, wireless security testing, and IoT security assessments. Aardwolf Security’s team of professionals conduct thorough testing and delivers actionable reports to improve their customers’ level of cyber security while deterring cyber criminals.