What Does An HR Assistant do?

Human Resources, more commonly referred to as HR, plays a pivotal role within an organisation, focusing on the vital human element that drives the workplace – the employees.

Managing the employee workforce is, unsurprisingly, a highly multifaceted and complex responsibility. As such, several positions contribute to the overall success of the company. One such position is the HR Assistant, a linchpin in the machinery of the HR department.

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HR Assistant Job Description


To begin with, it’s vital to debunk the notion that HR Assistant responsibilities in any given organisation will be identical. Each company will have different needs and requirements of its HR department and, as such, the position of an HR Assistant will vary in its description.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to outline a general job description for an HR Assistant.

An HR Assistant typically undertakes a diverse array of responsibilities, including playing a key role in the recruitment and training of new employees. Elements of this training have been involved in the last decade to have a more prominent focus on employee well-being, reflecting a growing emphasis on fostering diversity and inclusivity within the workplace.

This not only underscores the enduring relevance of HR in aligning companies with evolving societal attitudes, but it also demonstrates the importance of HR Assistants in ensuring that workplaces stay informed and compliant with contemporary standards.

In the pursuit of employee welfare and an inclusive work environment, HR Assistants may be involved in planning training programs, seminars, and workshops. Furthermore, HR Assistants may assist in employee welfare by handling any internal employee issues or complaints.

Beyond these people-centric roles, administrative duties form a significant part of the HR Assistant’s job portfolio.

This could involve managing payroll, maintaining records of employee details such as sick leave and holidays, and generating reports on HR activities. These reports can serve as a tool for identifying areas of improvement within the HR department, thereby consistently striving to optimise workplace efficiency.


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What Skills Do You Need To Be An HR Assistant?


Several skills are instrumental in effectively fulfilling the responsibilities of an HR Assistant role.

To begin with, as this is a people-centric job, having excellent communication skills is key. Not only will any HR Assistant likely need to conduct meetings and training programmes, but they may also need to deal with complex situations such as matters of employee welfare, disagreements within the workplace, and internal and external complaints.

Any HR Assistant will need to feel comfortable taking the lead in these situations. Moreover, as HR Assistants typically collaborate within a broader HR team, the capacity to work well with colleagues will be essential. This will ensure that employee affairs can be well-managed, and workplace efficiency can be optimised.

Furthermore, due to the many administrative duties of an HR Assistant, having strong organisational and time management skills will be equally important. HR Assistants will need to be scrupulous in their attention to detail as they manage and organise employee and company records with discretion and precision.

Depending on the organisations’ reliance on HR software, HR Assistants may also need some proficiency in database management and computer skills. Familiarity with HR software will ensure that they can navigate technological tools effectively, contributing to the overall efficiency of HR operations.


Do You Need Qualifications To Be An HR Assistant?


Different companies will have different expectations from their HR Assistant applicants. For instance, some may require candidates to hold a degree, perhaps in a certain area such as business administration.

However, beyond a degree, there are generally no specific requirements to become an HR Assistant as this is typically offered as an entry-level position. In other words, applicants don’t need to have previous training or experience in the area to apply.

Nevertheless, to enhance one’s prospects of securing an HR Assistant position, especially at a competitive company, it can be beneficial to gain some relevant work experience in HR before applying. This practical exposure can provide valuable insights and make an applicant stand out.

Additionally, there are numerous online courses designed to impart both soft and hard skills that can be relevant to HR. Exploring such courses not only equips candidates with essential skills but also demonstrates their enthusiasm and dedication to the HR industry.


HR Assistant Salary


Again, the exact salary of HR Assistants in the UK will vary from company to company depending on factors such as the organisation’s size as well as its location. According to Indeed, HR Assistants based in London can expect to earn an average salary of £27,113. In other major UK cities, this salary fluctuates from around £24,500 to £26,000.

However, it’s important to note that, as an assistant, there are opportunities for career advancement and, subsequently, higher wages later down the line.