What To Look For in a Business Hotel

When travelling for business, there are a range of factors to consider in a hotel. It is important to choose your hotel wisely as a bad stay before a meeting or conference can negatively impact your trip entirely. From the amenities provided to your value for money, at TechRound we’d recommend choosing a hotel that meets both your personal and commercial needs.

Much like how there are certain standards and facilities you’d expect when travelling for leisure, a business hotel should operate in the same way, simply with different requirements. Discover our top tips for booking an appropriate business hotel here. 

Business Amenities

As you are travelling for work purposes, it would make sense to look for a hotel that offers appropriate business amenities as well as standard basics. Amenities including high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, and photocopiers might be a necessity for any remote work you undertake, so make sure to check if the hotel has these available before booking your stay. These services may not always be complimentary, but a reputable business hotel will be upfront about the charges to save you the shock of any unexpected costs. 

Meeting and Conference Rooms

If you are planning to host business meetings at the hotel you stay at, it is crucial there is somewhere available to gather your clients and business associates. Many decent-sized hotels will have meeting and conference rooms designed specifically for business stays. Though it is worth noting that if you are planning to host a large-scale event, you should inform the hotel prior to booking so they will definitely be able to accommodate your business needs. 

Business Hotel Service

What’s more, during a busy business trip, it can be the small touches that make all the difference to a stay. An on-site restaurant, laundry services, and unique room facilities mean you won’t need to wander far for those homely touches. The Pillar Hotel in Hendon, for example, offers Executive Rooms which are designed for business guests, providing them with a modern workspace and free Wi-Fi in their rooms. The small touches in a hotel’s service can therefore make a big difference to your overall experience. 

Proximity To Business Events

Many professionals who travel for business will have to attend events or meetings throughout their trip. Ensuring you are proximate to where your business-related events are being held should thus be a key factor when choosing an appropriate hotel.

Even if your hotel is not within walking distance to any meetings, it is best to research available public transport from the hotel to the event prior to booking. Booking a random business hotel in London for instance could mean you end up staying in Finchley while your meetings or the office you need to be at are all an hour away in Croydon. Location is key.

Value For Money

Finally, getting value for your money will often be at the front of your mind when booking overnight stays. If you have a budget in mind, it could be worth searching through online travel agencies to see the kind of hotels you can get for your money. It may not always be possible to find an appropriate business hotel for a lower-end budget, but making compromises can help to keep costs down. Ultimately, you want to book a hotel that meets all your business requirements without going too over your budget if possible.