1. Kayrros

Company: Kayrros

Founders: Antoine Rostand, Antoine Halff, Alexandre D’Aspremont, Jean-Michel Lasry, Latent El Ghaoui

Website: https://www.kayrros.com/




About Kayrros


Founded in 2016, Kayrros is a global environmental intelligence company and world leader in earth and asset observation technology. Kayrros collects data from satellite imagery and uses AI to provide accurate, independent, realtime insights that help companies, investors and regulators reduce their emissions, protect people and assets from extreme weather events and accelerate the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Public and private satellites orbiting the planet capture huge volumes of raw imagery every day. Kayrros, whose leadership team bring extensive experience in energy, mathematics, science and computing, was the first company to realise that artificial intelligence could be used to process that data and deliver actionable insights to those who needed them. Now a trusted partner of private companies, governments and research institutions, Kayrros is demystifying the climate crisis, providing reliable information on methane and carbon dioxide emissions, deforestation, wildfires, biomass, renewable energy, and more.

In 2023, Kayrros launched an open-access version of its flagship, award-winning product, Methane Watch, to coincide with COP28. This publicly available online map lets users identify methane super-emitters and see which countries have the largest methane footprint. Methane Watch data has also revealed that many signatories of the Global Methane Pledge are failing to make progress, and was the reason for a front-page Guardian story on the 1,200 biggest waste sites releasing methane into the atmosphere. Kayrros was also behind the exposé of the largest methane leak ever recorded.

Now widely recognised for its pioneering use of AI to quantify events relevant to global warming and the green transition, Kayrros is a familiar sight at the biggest events in the climate calendar, including COP and Davos, and a trusted partner of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Energy Agency and household-name multinationals driving sustainability in their industries. Recently, Kayrros was named a top five company of the year in Fast Company’s ‘World Changing Ideas’ 2024 awards.

Kayrros continues to innovate, harnessing the increasing power of AI to deliver insights of increasing granularity long before the data is available from public sources. It continues to be a loud voice in the wider climate conversation, calling for less partisanship, more pragmatism and – above all – more rigorous independent data to reveal discrepancies in reporting. What Kayrros provides is a vital piece in the climate puzzle. Without data we can trust, we can’t take the action we need to.

Since its launch, Kayrros has raised more than €72 million from investors including the French Public Investment Bank Bpifrance, the European Investment Bank, the space-focused growth fund NewSpace Capital, and the VC arm of BNP-Paribas.



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