2. Annalise.ai


Company: Annalise.ai

Founders: Dr Aengus Tran, Dimitry Tran

Website: https://annalise.ai




About Annalise.ai


Annalise.ai is a global health technology company that aims to democratise health outcomes using AI in areas where there is the greatest need. It provides comprehensive AI-powered decision-support solutions for that act as ‘a second pair of eyes’ for clinicians. Founded in 2019 by Aengus and Dimitry Tran, Annalise.ai is dedicated to transforming patient care by leveraging AI to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

The vision behind Annalise.ai is one of a world where global health inequalities are addressed. The team behind this vision consists of experienced clinicians, leading AI researchers, and data scientists who are passionate about building technologies that solve real-world healthcare problems. For this, the company has built AI solutions that augment clinical capacity.

The two flagship products of Annalise.ai are Annalise Enterprise Chest X-Ray (CXR) and Annalise Enterprise CT Brain (CTB). These are some of the most comprehensive AI solutions for Chest X-rays and head CTs available. They can identify up to 124, and 130 findings respectively, in one command. These allow clinicians to provide patients with earlier and more accurate diagnoses for more patients than through human diagnosis alone. The algorithms behind these tools were trained on hundreds of thousands of hand-labelled data sets collected from across multiple continents.

Currently, Annalise.ai’s solutions are used worldwide and available in more than 40 countries, working with some of the most renowned names in healthcare.

The growth trajectory is sustained by continuous development of new capabilities and expansion in new markets. So far, Annalise.ai has impacted more than 5 million lives, but the journey is far from over. The mission is to touch 1 million lives per day by 2025.



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