3. Kahun Medical

Company: Kahun Medical

Founder: Michal Tzuchman Katz MD

Website: https://www.kahun.com/


Kahun Medical


About Kahun Medical


Kahun is an AI clinical-reasoning tool for healthcare providers- the only one that combines generative AI with an ‘explainability’ layer, that enables the use of generative AI in the medical community. Kahun’s solution addresses the challenges of integrating generative AI technologies into clinical settings, empowering clinicians to make informed medical decisions.

While Gen-AI shows great potential for the introduction of clinical insights to health tech products, health tech firms face fundamental challenges when integrating Gen-AI for clinical use as companies fear the output is unreliable, inconsistent, unpredictable, and hypersensitive to the prompts used.

In contrast, Kahun effectively addresses the limitations of Gen-AI by leveraging the sole evidence-based knowledge graph tailored for healthcare. By basing its clinical recommendations on reputable medical literature, and capturing statistical information and biological causality, Kahun’s engine ensures credibility, transparency, and consistency. The outcome is a clinically validated output that when integrated into healthtech products instills trust among healthcare professionals, fostering increased adoption of this technology.

Kahun’s core technology relies on a proprietary Knowledge Graph, comprising over 30 million evidence-based clinical insights from peer-reviewed medical publications and sources, encompassing the complex statistical and clinical connections in medicine. Leveraging its knowledge graph, Kahun is the only company providing real-time clinical validation to ensure responsible clinical decision support at the point of care. Used across multiple care settings, Kahun’s solution reduces cognitive burden among physicians and standardizes care within healthcare systems.

Since its founding, Kahun’s core technology has focused on mapping high-quality medical knowledge used to power AI tools for evidence-based clinical decision support. With the advent of GenAI, Kahun’s technology has evolved to ensure GenAI’s practical application in clinical settings.

Over the past 5 years, Kahun has partnered with multiple healthcare organizations and health tech companies to advance and strengthen clinical assessment through explainable AI, enabling healthcare providers to focus on patient treatment plans and provide better care. Last year, Kahun partnered with the biggest hospital in Israel. The partnership offered emergency care healthcare staff an on-arrival data collection solution and clinical insights relating to severity and triage to improve the efficiency and quality of the triage process in the ER.



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