4. Databutton


Company: Databutton

CEO & Co-Founder: Trygve Karper

Website: https://www.databutton.io/

About Databutton


Databutton (www.databutton.com) is the world’s first fully autonomous web app developer – powered by AI – that can build apps from a user’s simple natural language commands.

In 2021, Trygve Karper, Martin Røed, and Viral Shah, all former members of the app development unicorn company Cognite, identified a common challenge: for many businesses and individuals with a vision for a new app, they must either learn how to code or hire developers to bring an idea to life. If they chose to learn how to code, it typically takes three to six months to develop even a basic coding foundation; time which could have been better applied. Conversely, finding and hiring someone to help build your business idea can also be a challenge.

Essentially, Databutton acts as a virtual developer, with the platform’s AI assistants providing guided support at every step of the application design and development process. Using AI, Databutton simplifies app creation, enabling users to build full-stack web applications within minutes using their own data or integrated sources. Databutton enables non-developers with great ideas for AI-enabled services to make them a reality, thus making AI accessible to a much wider audience and in effect democratising the AI wave.

The app development process using Databutton consists of three stages: The Ideation Phase, The Brain Building Phase, and The UI Building Phase – collaborating with each other and the user to ideate, build, and design fully interactive web apps. Unlike other platforms which promise all-in-one AI-driven development, whilst in reality requiring the input of a real-world developer, Databutton is designed to be entirely autonomous.

The challenges Databutton encountered range from ensuring large language models (LLMs) generate valid, runnable code to making LLMs speak a language suitable for non-developers. Databutton has a fully online coding and hosting environment as the backbone for human-AI collaboration on apps; every app runs and is kept up in a docker container on Google Cloud.

In September 2023, Databutton secured $5.1M in Seed funding, accelerating its mission. Committed to accessibility and innovation, Databutton is poised for global impact and expansion.



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