10. becrypt

Company: becrypt

Founders: Lorna McInerney, Eleanor Grey, Steve Greig, Bernard Parsons, Stephen Simm

Website: https://www.becrypt.com/


About becrypt


We strive to help organisations protect their most sensitive information completely. We offer products and architectures developed in collaboration with the UK Government, protecting endpoint and mobile devices from elevated cyber threats. Our Cross Domain applications enable the safe sharing of sensitive or high-threat information between environments or organisations. Our Sovereign and Private Cloud Services can then simplify security management and provide hosted secure collaboration environments

As the need for interoperability between diverse networks of different trust increases, and the rapid deployment of API-enabled services becomes key to gaining the operational edge, the demand for API-based high assurance cross-domain platforms has grown across government, defence and security.  To support architectures designed for the modern, dynamic and ever-changing world, no longer can cross-domain solutions be deployed on the expectation that the environment will remain static, and corresponding threats not rapidly evolve.

CDS platforms benefit from the combination of the use of hardware modules, such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), and robust government evaluation processes, to provide a level of assurance and protection that cannot be achieved with commercial products, such as Firewalls, that remain susceptible to software vulnerabilities. However, the ‘Achilles heel’ of CDS architectures to date has typically been the requirement to decrypt CDS traffic in a less trusted network zone, such as a DMZ, rendering such traffic vulnerable to an attacker. The innovative HiTMAN architecture, allows CDS traffic to be safely decrypted within a trusted hardware module, which cannot be accessed or modified by attackers.

Becrypt has supported award-winning government-funded research leading to the development of the first API-centric cross-domain solution, addressing a wide range of applications from document validation, to management system isolation. As a truly generic bi-directional gateway, the applications for an API-centric CDS for secure network connectivity are endless.

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