9. Flexxon

Company: Flexxon

Founder: Camellia Chan

Website: https://x-phy.com/

About Flexxon


Unveiled in 2021, Flexxon’s flagship cybersecurity product – X-PHY – is the world’s first hardware and firmware cybersecurity solution embedded with AI capabilities.

The X-PHY Solid State Drive (SSD) was developed to combat a lack of innovation in the cybersecurity space, against a backdrop of ever-increasing criminal activity. Traditional software-based defences (like antivirus) have proven incapable of fully defending organisations against new threats. Software-based solutions operate in the external environment and have to contend with billions of variables – this makes it impossible to detect all forms of threats. What’s more, these solutions often rely too much on human intervention, requiring software updates to protect against threats that have already been identified. New and emerging threats are a separate issue, that even patching and updating cannot canvas.

X-PHY’s hardware-based cybersecurity aims to protect devices from this reality – if attackers evade the external defences and attempt to steal data from the drive, users can rest assured that their data is secure. The X-PHY SSD is embedded with patented AI technologies and protects data via a one-door access portal at the closest proximity to our data, serving as the last line of defence. It can – and should – also be layered alongside existing software solutions to offer a more robust, holistic security posture.

X-PHY‘s groundbreaking technology harnesses AI and machine learning to analyse behavioural patterns around the clock via AI programming. With many recent high-profile breaches the result of human error, the X-PHY is designed to totally remove human intervention from the threat monitoring and identification process.

X-PHY’s embedded AI technology can immediately detect, identify, and respond to threats from accessing data. It effectively fences off Zero Day exploitation, providing protection against a range of cyber threats including physical attacks, malware, ransomware, and power glitches. In fact, in the event of a physical attack, such as a stolen device, the X-PHY can even adopt a ‘rapid purge’ where sensitive data will delete itself.

Endpoint protection through the SSD is just the first in an entire ecosystem of products that Flexxon will be rolling out in the next two years. The company’s mission is to develop solutions that will enable digital usage in our daily lives without the fear of being hacked. Building on this foundation of dynamic security at the data storage level, the next phase of the company’s pipeline will include security solutions for data centres and servers, and cloud security.

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