10. Deko

Company: Deko

Founder: Scott Law

Website: https://www.dekopay.com/



About Deko


Deko is the UK’s first and only multi-lender checkout finance solution designed to solve a crucial problem, reduce cart abandonment rates for merchants, and provide a singular, trusted and flexible payment platform for consumers.

Deko’s smart technology connects customers to a panel of lenders, enabling them to receive repayment options tailored to their financial circumstances leading to fewer rejected applications. Via this unique offering, they have enabled retailers to achieve up to a 30% increase in sales, supporting UK businesses throughout the current economic turbulence.

The platform covers a variety of basket sizes up to £25,000 and repayment terms up to 60 months. Plus unlike other providers, their technology offers customers the ability to check their credit limit at the start of the buying journey, giving them added confidence in their spending power when browsing products.

In 2023, Deko introduced version 4 of its platform, rebuilding it from the ground up to ensure the customer journey worked seamlessly across its range of products and lenders, all whilst delivering a single, complete, end-to-end mobile and online checkout finance experience.

For merchants, the new version comes complete with a rapid integration library to instantly embed finance details and offers on individual product pages as well as the ability to launch the companion finance calculator and quickly browse loan options. All this is backed by a new dedicated retailer dashboard to view, search, manage and export applications quickly and easily.

For customers, the new version transformed the multi-step application workflow to capture customers’ personal, residential and employment data via dedicated, dynamically generated screens which present tailored questions based on prior responses. These back-end changes have made applications easier and less cognitively demanding on consumers.

These new additions are part of Deko’s vision to be universally trusted, as the easiest way to offer finance, and the only solution businesses will ever need.

How Deko will achieve this, and how it differentiates itself is by matching the right customer with the right responsible lender almost instantly, improving access to finance for those purchases that matter. This support is more important than ever amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, which is placing significant financial strain on individuals and businesses.