Company: SEON

Founders: Tamas Kadar, Bence Jendruszak

Website: https://seon.io



About SEON


SEON is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to redefine what it means to fight online fraud and financial crime. By offering rapid integration and pay-as-you-go flexibility, SEON can offer a simplified, modern way to fight online crime. The company cleverly leverages digital and social footprints to identify the tell-tale signs of deception and has become the go-to fraud prevention solution for multiple ambitious fintech leaders, including Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, Patreon, Sorare and mollie.

Since launch, SEON has developed its solution into a revolutionary AI financial crime prevention platform and has emerged as one of the fastest growing online financial crime prevention companies in the world. In early 2022, SEON received a record-breaking $94m Series B funding round, gaining backing from Silicon Valley venture capital firm, IVP. Since then, SEON has leveraged this investment to take its next big step into FinCrime prevention with the acquisition of AML and KYC specialist firm Complytron in 2023.


Built with flexibility and accessibility in mind, SEON’s solution can be used as part of an end-to-end fraud detection and prevention system or used to complement an existing risk tech stack. The company’s solution is totally customisable and can be tailored to suit different industries and geographies, as necessary. Leveraging a true AI brain, as well as whitebox machine learning technologies the multi-layered solution makes fraud difficult to scale, even when carried out by organised criminal enterprises.

That’s because the company’s solution can analyse the digital footprints of potential customers in incredible detail to assess the risk of fraud. By deploying advanced data enrichment technology, SEON can deliver real-time insights into every interaction, order, account, buyer, transaction, opportunity, analysing over 50+ online platforms to validate a person’s identity via one API call. What’s more, unlike other systems, SEON is fast-to-deploy and highly cost-effective.


The company’s specialities range across the neo-bank, eCommerce, and Buy Now Pay Later sectors, as well as increasingly with Web 3.0 businesses. By offering rapid integration and pay-as-you-go flexibility, SEON can offer a simplified, modern way to fight fraud. To this end, the company already serves over 5,000 merchants, has reviewed over a billion transactions, and has saved its customers more than $50m. As of 2023, the company continues to grow new client acquisitions significantly in all major regions.

This exceptional growth has helped SEON to develop from a scrappy start-up to a slick scale up that’s perfectly aligned to the demands of modern-day online fraud and financial crime prevention. This success has not gone unnoticed within the fields that it operates and has led to the company receiving several prestigious industry awards and rankings, such as winning the title of ‘Hottest Cybersecurity Startup of the Year’ at The Europas Awards, as well as the company’s two founders being named on the Forbes’ ‘30 under 30 Europe’ list.