10. For The Creators

Company: For The Creators

Founder: Lyndsay Mason

Website: https://forthecreators.co


For The Creators


About For The Creators


Lyndsay Mason, a global marketer by trade, founded For The Creators, a pioneering circular commerce platform specialising in maternity wardrobing during lockdown in 2020, following the birth of her son when he was just 3 months old. Lyndsay was floored at the landfill that maternitywear was creating, coupled with the gaping underrepresentation and opportunity to create a single destination of “maternity friendly” fashion. Lyndsay did this whilst simultaneously juggling her co-founding directorship role at a strategic marketing agency, Incaloop. For The Creators was her main passion but at first it had to be a side hustle; buying clothes on next-day delivery services and using a local dry cleaner to service hundreds of customers across the UK with maternity items from her bedroom, all whilst juggling a newborn baby.

British women spend on average £700 on new clothing during pregnancy, purchasing roughly 21 new pieces of clothing that they only wear for a handful of months. 10% of women throw their maternity and postpartum clothing away resulting in approximately 1.5 million units of maternity garments ending up in landfill each year. For The Creators have created a fully circular B2B2C solution; offering a product loop that breathes new life into maternity wear.

For The Creators have tightened their circular focuses to encourage conscious consumption and responsible retailing through innovative Rental/Resale/Retail ideations. Since the platform’s inception in 2020, For The Creators have welcomed over 30 brands (both maternity and non-maternity specific) ranging from Sezane, Whistles and Hatch to Desmond & Dempsey, Albaray and more, allowing women to rent per trimester of their pregnancy and postpartum. Through their expansive rental offering, FTC increases the utility of maternity clothing and maximises garment lifetime.

They do all of this with utmost eco-responsibility in mind, to ensure the platform does not produce additional waste and thus remains circular. For example, FTC champions reusable packaging, partnering with RePack to eliminate unnecessary waste. Customers are encouraged to return their rented item in the same package they received it in to be reused up to 20 times (both inbound and outbound). To continue the life of a rental product requires cleaning, and this has to be green. FTC’s logistics partner ACS is B-Corp certified ensuring that the cleaning and postage of all of their orders is in line with B-Corp credentials. FTC also plants 5 trees for every order via their partner Ecologi, and has now planted 10,229 trees and supported the prevention of 59.69 tCO2e from being emitted by making the most of existing resources.

Renting a £100 dress (instead of buying) saves the equivalent CO2 of that produced by travelling 245 miles in a car – FTC has proudly rented over 4,000 garments to date. FTC not only help women feel and look their best at a monumental point in their lives but simultaneously supports the planet by making genuine, circular strides to save unnecessary waste and landfill.



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