11. eAgronom

Company: eAgronom

Founder: Robin Saluoks

Website: https://www.eagronom.com/




About eAgronom


eAgronom was founded in Estonia in 2016 by the son of farmer and entrepreneur Robin Saluoks, computer scientist Stenver Jerkku and business veteran Kristjan Luha. eAgronom’s vision is to be the main source of truth on farms and make climate change the world economy’s number one business priority.

It has onboarded more than 1.5 million hectares of farmland onto its farm management and carbon offsetting programs in 12 countries and in collaboration with over 2,500 farmers. To date, eAgronom’s partner farms have stored 400,000 tCO2 p.a., which is roughly equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 85,000 people.

Acting as both a knowledge hub and a partner in modernising farms, eAgronom works closely with farmers to implement sustainable practices in a financially viable way. By providing real-time crop monitoring from fields, automated reporting, crop and yield plans, farm activity schedules, and more, the company provides detailed insights tailored specifically to individual farms’ needs and integral to future-proofing their businesses.

Soil health is at the heart of eAgronom’s work and integral to the company’s carbon credit program, which subsidises farms working to restore and regenerate soil, the second-largest natural carbon sink on Earth.

Through eAgronom’s GHG monitoring, data verification and program certification capabilities, financial institutions are able to reshape their loan portfolio by providing more favourable terms to farmers who are EU taxonomy aligned. eAgronom’s soil health monitoring capacity allows landowners to bring a Sustainable Land Management Programme to tenants and reward sustainable practices.

The startup now has $14.3 million in investor backing from the likes ZGI Capital, Specialist VC, Trind Ventures, Iron Wolf Capital and Black Pearls VC.



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