12. Embellished Truth

Company: Embellished Truth

Founder: Bharati Manchanda

Website: https://embellishedtruth.com/

Embellished Truth

About Embellished Truth


Embellished Truth is a multi-award-winning luxury accessory brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with eco-sensibilities. Founded in 2008, the brand has become synonymous with beautiful craftsmanship, heritage materials and exciting pops of colour inspired by founder, Bharati Manchanda Indian heritage.

Our mission is to design desirable and functional accessories that celebrate traditional craftsmanship whilst focusing on eco-sensibilities. Each piece is crafted in a family-run factory in East London, using ultra-soft vegetable-tanned leather that is free from chrome, heavy metals, and harsh chemicals.

My journey began with a BA (Hons) Fashion Design degree, where I gained experience assisting independent fashion designers. It became apparent to me that few fashion brands were considering their environmental impact, and public awareness around the issue was lacking. As I delved deeper into the industry, I became passionate about the potential for eco-fashion to make a positive difference. Thus, the idea for Embellished Truth was born, blending fashion with conscience and sophisticated design.

Breaking into a crowded market has been challenging, especially with the allure of fast fashion. However, we focus on quality and sustainability over quantity. Our approach involves research into every material and component to ensure the most sustainable options are chosen for each product. Instead of adhering to the traditional fashion calendar, we maintain ongoing designs, introducing a few new styles each year. This ensures that nothing is considered last season or out of fashion, emphasising the longevity and timeless appeal of our designs.

Respecting people as well as materials has been important for the brand and one of our most notable initiatives is working with disadvantaged artisans in Cambodia. Through this partnership, melted-down bombshell casings that are remnants from wartime are transformed into exquisite fair trade brass components, symbolising resilience and hope for the Cambodian artisans. These pieces adorn our designs, adding a piece of history to each accessory while supporting craftsmen and women who work from home and look after their families.

We’ve also partnered with a cooperative in India to source organic cotton khadi for our lining. Working with mainly women in rural villages, this traditional hand-spun and handwoven fabric is naturally breathable, biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.



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