13. Ecocem

Company: Ecocem

Founder: Donal O’Riain

Website: https://www.ecocemglobal.com/




About Ecocem


Donal O’Riain Founded Ecocem in 2000, and has since built it into the European market leader in the production of low-carbon cement technologies.

For more than 20 years, Ecocem has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying low-carbon cement and construction solutions to markets in Europe. A pioneer of high-performance technology that significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the cement and construction industries, its breakthrough technology, ACT, can reduce the global carbon footprint of the traditional cement manufacturing process by more than half.

In 2022, emissions from building operations and construction made up 37% cent of total global CO2 emissions, due to building operations and the manufacture of building materials. A key contributor to sector emissions is cement manufacture, responsible for almost 8% of all CO2 emissions globally. To put this into perspective, if cement was a country, its emissions would make it the third largest source of emissions after the US and China.

Ecocem has developed a solution to reducing the carbon emissions of cement manufacturing that is the result of a decade-long development programme. ACT is a scalable technology which has the potential to reduce industry emissions by up to 70% and significantly accelerate the industry towards its net zero 2050 target.

Earlier this year, ACT obtained a European Technical Assessment from the European Organisation for Technical Assessment), providing Ecocem with a route to full commercialisation for its ACT technology by 2026 and creating the opportunity for the cement and concrete industries to do the same.



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