14. CCU International

Company: CCU International

Founders: Beena Sharma, Francis Doherty, Peter Styring and George Dowson

Website: https://ccuinternational.com

CCU International

About CCU International


CCU International provide next-generation, proprietary, carbon capture and refinement technology that captures emissions directly from industry chimney and flue stacks preventing them from entering the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.

CCU International distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge carbon capture and refinement technology, representing a significant leap forward in the industry. Our innovative approach encompasses several key features that set us apart from conventional solutions: a compact footprint, modular design, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency, all of which position us as leaders in the field.

Two pivotal factors elevate our technology to the forefront of client preference. Firstly, unlike existing solutions, we do not use any hazardous substances, resulting in unparalleled carbon efficiencies. Secondly, our patented process integrates carbon capture with refinement capabilities, enabling us to produce CO2 of any desired grade. This versatility not only facilitates storage but also opens avenues for utilisation, ensuring adaptability to evolving industry needs and future technological developments.

Moreover, our solutions address common barriers to decarbonisation faced by industries, offering localised and circular carbon economy solutions that transcend geographical limitations.

Unlike competitors, we view carbon dioxide as a valuable resource rather than a waste product, fostering reuse, recycling, and revenue generation through its conversion into various materials and chemicals. This approach not only mitigates emissions but also reduces reliance on fossil fuels, promoting sustainability across sectors.

The business was launched in December 2022 but is backed by 12 years of R&D with The University of Sheffield under Professor Peter Styring and Dr George Dowson (Co-Founders). Since launch, CCU International have raised initial investment to support delivery of the first commercial capture project.

In The last 14 months CCU International have designed and built a prototype capture system that has been deployed to Liberty Steel in the UK with exceptional results and is now prepping for deployment to British Steel.

CCU International have also deployed (Jan 2024) the first commercial capture system to Holmen Iggesund Paperboard Mill in Cumbria for the Flue2Chem project led by the Society of Chemical Industries and Unilever. This ground-breaking project is a world-first and backed by Innovate UK. The project is designed to capture carbon dioxide emissions from Steel and Paper Mills in the UK and utilise the captured carbon back into industry by creating surfactants – one of the ingredients that go into household products such as shampoo, shower gel, washing liquids and detergents, and much more. This has the capacity to reduce carbon emissions by 15-20 million tonnes of CO2 a year, just in the UK alone.

CCU International are targeting a minimum of 5 million tonnes of capture over the next 10 years.

CCU International have won multiple awards including The Engineering Manufacturing Awards, AccelerateHer, Shell pitch, FSB Innovation Award and have had a parliamentary motion passed in Scottish parliament for contribution to Net Zero.



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