15. Enverse

Company: Enverse

Founder: Howard Low

Website: https://www.enverselab.com




About Enverse


Enverse offers industrial digitalisation and analytics solutions delivered at unprecedented pace and quality. The company builds analytics application with various stakeholders and scale the analytics and machine learning solution on the cloud platform, dramatically reducing machine learning and digitalization cost by up to 80%.

The ultimate goal of the company is to become the Amazon Web Services for analytics solution – where customers can plug-and-play analytics module on our platform with minimal technical competencies required. These solutions are deployed to customers through our platform on a 3-click process. Through these modules, we have helped customers in solar, wind, commercial establishment, and airports to further reduce their carbon footprint. To further support sustainability in the global worth, we have developed a battery classification technology to help customer in Nigeria to further extend the life of lithium-ion batteries.

The company started in 2019 in Asia before moving the HQ to Europe. Since then, the user based have extended from Singapore to Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, Nigeria, and the UK. We have hit a major milestone in 2024 by having more than 100% increment in renewable energy generation.

We have bootstrapped the company since day 1 and we’re proud of our progress.



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