Founder: Anil K. Singhal

Website: https://www.netscout.com/





NETSCOUT is a leading provider of enterprise performance management, carrier service assurance, cybersecurity, and DDoS protection solutions. Founded in 1984, NETSCOUT has almost 40 years of experience assuring digital business services against security, availability, and performance disruptions.

According to NETSCOUT’s latest Threat Intelligence Report, DDoS attacks reached nearly 13 million in 2022 – a new high-water mark for attack frequency – all while adversaries honed evading defence and traditional DDoS mitigation. Threat actors now utilise a new breed of dynamic DDoS attacks involving multiple vectors and techniques to launch attacks designed to evade conventional static networks and cloud-only-based DDoS defence.

Every enterprise is at grave risk today if they don’t deploy an effective DDoS solution on-premises to protect their network edge, internet-facing services, and critical stateful infrastructure such as firewalls and load balancers from these constantly evolving attacks. Attackers can send dynamic direct-path DDoS traffic at any time, and they can quickly change attack vectors during the attack making them nearly impossible to defend without the right technology.

NETSCOUT’s Arbor Edge Defence (AED) solution combines leading global threat intelligence with machine-learning-based adaptive DDoS protection to protect enterprises from rapidly spreading dynamic DDoS attacks. With this, IT teams have a scalable, always-on stateless packet processing solution that uses unmatched visibility into more than 50 per cent of all internet traffic; global, real-time DDoS attack threat intelligence; decades of DDoS mitigation experience; and machine learning (ML) software intelligence to automatically detect, adapt to, and mitigate dynamic DDoS attacks.

To combat these rising cyber threats, NETSCOUT’s recently updated Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI) solution for advanced network detection and response provides security teams with real-time packet-level visibility across their digital infrastructure. It helps identify threats earlier in the attack life cycle and quickens investigations by gathering network-based forensic evidence to reduce the mean time to response (MTTR). Competitor solutions, such as security information and event management (SIEMs), offer helpful logs for security investigations but lack network context and require ongoing maintenance. OCI is a valuable tool for verifying the effectiveness and improving the existing cybersecurity ecosystem, ensuring compliance, and lowering the risk of successful cyberattacks.

Additionally, NETSCOUT’s Omnis ATLAS Intelligence Feed is an innovative AI-based solution which uses unique global visibility and an automated AI analytics engine to speed up DDoS attack response and reduce operational overheads. It enables NETSCOUT’s customers to automatically and instantaneously block a large proportion of DDoS attacks, thus simplifying operations and minimising risk to their businesses.

In addition to these solutions, NETSCOUT’s ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) delivers world-class network security research and analysis for today’s enterprise and network operators. The team comprises an elite group of engineers and researchers specialising in information security. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and real-world experience combined with NETSCOUT’s unique, unrivalled visibility into global internet traffic and threat landscape, enables them to provide insights.

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