13. DataDome

Company: DataDome

Founders: Benjamin Fabre and Fabien Grenier

Website: https://datadome.co/

About DataDome


DataDome was founded in 2015 by co-founders, Benjamin Fabre and Fabien Grenier, long-time business partners and serial entrepreneurs with vast experience in SaaS technology and cybersecurity.

Benjamin and Fabien recognised that most businesses were failing to detect and block even the simplest of bots, making them vulnerable to fraudsters and malicious actors. Experience in the digital security space enabled them to foresee the rise of bot-driven fraud, and the threat this would bring to both online businesses and their consumers. Benjamin and Fabien realised the need for a solution that could block automated online threats and built a platform which could assess every single request to a website, mobile app or API, in real-time. Fast-forward to 2023, and DataDome has raised $82 million dollars in funding, blocked well over 250 billion bot attacks, and has 300+ enterprises spread across the globe. Customers include SNCF, Intersport, Kelkoo, and Helly Hansen, and with a three-year revenue growth of 415%, DataDome ranks as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

About DataDome’s platform:

DataDome’s solution protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated cyberattacks and online fraud. Using machine learning and a 24/7 threat intelligence team, its solution protects against bot-driven fraud such as fake account creation, account takeover, and credential stuffing. DataDome detects and responds to sophisticated attacks with unparalleled speed and accuracy, without ever compromising the consumer experience. Its AI-powered bot detection engine processes more than 3 trillion signals every day to protect the largest global online enterprises in real-time. In 2022 alone, DataDome blocked more than 250 billion attacks.

The democratisation of AI has made it incredibly easy and cost-efficient for malicious actors to create nuanced, sophisticated and rapidly adapting attacks, and traditional online fraud and bot mitigation solutions that rely on static or asynchronous rules simply cannot keep up. DataDome offers the only real-time detection on the market. It analyses each request in real time using numerous techniques, including signature-based detection; vulnerability scanning rules; IP/Autonomous system reputation; session reputation; HTTP/JS/ device fingerprinting; TLS fingerprinting; behavioural analysis; and machine learning.

Because of its unique real-time detection offering, over 300 enterprises worldwide trust DataDome to handle their bot detection and mitigation. Customers range across industries from e-commerce, media, travel, ticketing, healthcare and local governments. DataDome now protects over 400,000 domains and has 4,800+ active users spread across the globe, from North America and Western Europe to India and Australia.

Funding and expansion:

In March 2023, DataDome announced its series C funding round of $42 million, bringing its total raise to $82 million. The latest round funded DataDome’s global commercial rollout, and R&D efforts to ensure that the solution maintains its award-winning competitive edge, and stays well ahead of bot developers and fraudsters. DataDome is focusing its efforts on continued expansion in current markets, as well as further expansion in Europe, diving into markets including the UK and DACH regions.

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