14. DXC Technology

Company: DXC Technology

Founder: Mike Salvino

Website: https://dxc.com/us/en/offerings/security



About DXC Technology


DXC Technology is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader. Our more than 130,000 people in 70-plus countries are entrusted by our customers to deliver what matters most. We use the power of technology to deliver mission-critical IT services that drive business impact.

DXC Technology is reinventing the workplace for employees working virtually, putting employee experience at the centre of its modernization plans. The Virtual First approach through which the company enables over 90% of its workforce to work remotely, significantly contributes to the wellbeing of employees. DXC also supplement that with access to immersive technologies like the metaverse giving employees the chance to work together in a fun, stimulating 3D environment which enables collaborative equity. At DXC, we even offer training to our employees to enable them to work effectively with neurodivergent colleagues who have been integrated across our global workforce through our Dandelion program.

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