12. REC Parenting

Company: REC Parenting

Founder: Dr Ana Aznar

Website: https://www.recparenting.com


About REC Parenting

REC Parenting is an online platform supporting parents and carers of kids aged 0-18.

We change the way parents approach their mental health care by providing professional, accessible, personalised, and affordable care. With REC Parenting, parents can message a qualified therapist anywhere, anytime. In addition, the platform offers an impressive range of science-based parenting resources delivered by the top experts in their fields.

Founded in 2023, REC Parenting was created when Ana Aznar, a child psychologist, realised that the current model of intense parenting has led to a generation of parents feeling exhausted, guilty, fearful, and ashamed. To make things worse, the parenting space is so noisy that parents do not know where to go or who to trust when looking for mental health support and reliable parenting resources.

We partner with employers to help them support their working parents. By creating a truly family-friendly culture, employers support their employees and their families, attract and retain talent, save money by reducing turnover and absenteeism, and improve their corporate image. For employers, supporting their working parents is no longer a choice but a must.

We also partner directly with customers through a subscription model. Parents get access to 24/7 mental health support and to a wide range of parenting resources created by the leading experts in their fields. No more googling around. We offer parents reliable, expert, confident parenting support in one place.

We are working to create the leading destination for parenting resources and mental health support. Because every parent should be supported to be the best parent they can be, and all children deserve the best upbringing possible.


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