11. Edurino UK Limited

Company: Edurino UK Limited

CEO and Co-Founders: Irene Klemm and Franziska Meyer

Website: https://www.edurino.co.uk/


About Edurino UK Limited

EDURINO began its journey in 2021, founded by Irene Klemm and Franziska Meyer with the vision of revolutionising early childhood education with a new type of educational gaming. Our unique hybrid learning system, combining an interactive learning app, an ergonomic stylus, and tactile figurines, bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, providing children aged four to eight with a comprehensive educational experience.

EDURINO not only enhances traditional school skills like Phonics but also equips children with essential 21st-century skills such as Coding and Critical Thinking, all delivered through engaging content. This innovative approach allows children to develop academically while building crucial skills for navigating the digital future. The blend of physical and digital learning mediums has set EDURINO apart in the parenting industry, making it a pioneer in the field of ParentTech.

One of the primary challenges EDURINO faced was the scepticism around digital education for young children, particularly concerns about screen time and its implications. Many parents and educators questioned the value of screen time, often associating it with passive consumption such as watching videos rather than active, educational engagement.

To address these concerns, EDURINO developed a hybrid learning model that includes physical components like the ergonomically designed stylus and tangible figurines that interact with our educational app. This innovative approach not only integrates valuable screen time into active learning but also ensures that children benefit from digital education without the downsides of excessive screen exposure. Our learning modules are intentionally designed to be short, engaging, and highly interactive, promoting cognitive development alongside physical activity and interactive play.

The impact of EDURINO on the parenting industry has been profound. We have empowered parents to take an active role in their children’s education, providing them with tools to track progress, understand educational outcomes, and participate in the learning process. Our secure parent area within the app allows for monitoring and controlling screen time, giving parents peace of mind while their children engage in valuable and educational screen time.

Moreover, EDURINO has raised the standard for what educational technology can achieve in early childhood development. By integrating cutting-edge technology with research-backed pedagogical approaches, we have developed a product that not only enhances learning but also makes it enjoyable and accessible.

This has resonated well with parents looking for effective, safe, and engaging educational alternatives. Based on an index from Cambridge University, preschool children who played EDURINO improved their fine motor skills by 19.2% with the ergonomic stylus. Additionally, supported skills such as early literacy & maths improve by 24.1%, while cognitive and language developments enhance by 19.2%, underlining the effectiveness of our learning modules.

As we look to the future, EDURINO is committed to expanding its reach and impact. We are continuously exploring new technologies and pedagogical strategies to enhance our offerings. With plans to expand into more regions and develop additional language options, our goal is to make EDURINO accessible to children around the world, democratising access to quality education and transforming how young learners engage with knowledge.



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