Company: FIT MAMA

Founder: Mari-Carmen Sanchez-Morris

Website: https://www.maricarmenfitness.com/fitmamapoweredbymaricarmenfitness



FIT MAMA – the all-star app for mums on their journey through motherhood, wellness and health – uses Mari-Carmen’s years of NHS training, alongside her personal experiences, to dismantle the false information online that currently makes fitness seem inaccessible to mothers. The app supports women to reclaim their identity and confidence by building strength in motherhood.

Having built and bootstrapped FIT MAMA, Mari-Carmen is an advocate for accessible information around pre and postnatal health and wellbeing. Covering all periods of a mother’s life from prenatal to menopause, she has created the pocket-friendly, go-to guide which empowers mothers when it comes to their own body and mind.

Mari-Carmen had always had a passion for health and wellness – having worked as a nurse in a Paediatric Intensive Care unit for 5 years before having her first son – but it was her own maternity experiences in 2017 and the inconsistency of information around health and fitness that drove her to qualify as a personal trainer, specifically in pre and postnatal fitness. Taking on this task with a four-month-old baby is no easy feat but within no time Mari-Carmen was training people from her garage!

Combining her nursing experience and her training in pre and postnatal fitness and nutrition, Mari-Carmen built a business supporting women across Warwickshire on their journeys through motherhood. A move to online training as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic identified a gap in the market for a dedicated health and fitness app supporting busy mums through pre and postnatal care, and so FIT MAMA was born in January 2023.



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