9. Lumii.me

Company: Lumii.me

Co-Founder: Laura Tristram

Website: http://www.lumii.me


About Lumii.me

Developed by a mum and teacher, Lumii.me is a groundbreaking AI edtech tool designed to transform child wellbeing, giving every child the support they need at their fingertips.

Lumii.me is more than just an app; it’s a holistic approach to mental health and well-being for children. Powered by the Large Mental Health Model (LMHM) AI, Lumii.me empowers children by listening, conversing, providing coping strategies and enabling early intervention to prevent mental health crises. It encourages open dialogue, destigmatises mental health, and offers valuable insights, underscoring a commitment to the child’s well-being today and in the future.

Early Intervention is key in managing mental health issues. Lumii.me helps in Identifying and addressing emotional and behavioural problems in children and can help to prevent more severe issues later in life.

Lumii does not provide counselling; it is an AI app that listens to a child’s concerns and offers immediate low-level intervention.

Described by parents as ‘game-changing’ improving behaviour and creating a calmer environment.

“For one child, the transition from home to school has completely transformed quite quickly. We went from school refusal and a teacher having to spend 45 minutes trying to settle a very anxious child to, within a few days of using Lumii, a child being excited to come into school and talk to Lumii. Lumii’s impact has been incredibly positive in a very short timeframe.”

Parents can find out more on the website.



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