8. OurCal

Company: OurCal

Founder: Ryan Brodie

Website: https://ourcal.com


About OurCal

OurCal aims to simplify the lives of modern families through seamless scheduling and organisation. The app addresses the constant juggle of family activities, appointments, and tasks, providing an all-in-one solution to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. OurCal has understood the diverse needs of different family structures to create a user-friendly interface that balances simplicity with comprehensive features, and prioritises data privacy, serving over 60,000 members.

Safety is a cornerstone of OurCal. In an era where digital security is paramount, OurCal sets itself apart by offering robust end-to-end encryption, safeguarding all shared data—events, messages, and profiles. This level of security is particularly important for parents managing children’s schedules, ensuring sensitive information remains protected. Unlike many other calendar solutions that lack this level of security, OurCal guarantees that family data stays private and secure, providing peace of mind to parents.

Since its inception, OurCal has fostered better collaboration among family members by allowing multiple users to access and update the family calendar, benefit from automatic reminders, and discuss plans together in a secure family chat, promoting shared responsibility and connection.

By reducing the cognitive load associated with managing multiple schedules, OurCal positively impacts the mental well-being of parents. Parents across 150+ countries rely on OurCal for their daily scheduling needs. To date, the team has received £3.5M in funding from Octopus Ventures, Hambro Perks, and angels, including Matt Clifford, CEO of Entrepreneur First. OurCal has been featured by Apple on the App Store in the UK & Ireland for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year.



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