7. Your Baby Club

Company: Your Baby Club

Co-Founders: Alec Dobbie, Adam Gillett, Neil Stephenson, Raphael Marsh

Website: https://www.yourbabyclub.co.uk/

About Your Baby Club

Your Baby Club is our personalised digital community for new and expectant parents that already helps millions of mums find the right content, resources, offers and community to help them navigate their unique pregnancy journey. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years, with growth that’s propelled us to launch in the US as well as develop exciting, industry-first innovations that serve over 7 millions mums worldwide.

At the heart of it all is our members, the new parents who have an overwhelming amount to digest! So we created a space that reflects their unique pregnancy and gives them what they need to make a great start.

What sets us apart is that our entire community is highly personalised to each mum’s unique life-stage and interests. Our teams have developed our signature personalised experiences to help our members feel seen and supported through their pregnancy.

The end result is a brilliant home for every pregnancy journey that attracts 4 in 5 new mums.

But we didn’t start there! As a bootstrap tech startup, the early days were nestled away in our founder’s conservatory, with a small team working in their spare moments. At that time, the parenting industry was rife with unethical practices and incessant spam. Our founders wanted to change that with a better model that didn’t exploit parents, enabled by clever tech.

So they pioneered a new community, disrupting a shady industry and putting parents back in charge of their data.

We were one of the first in the parenting industry to introduce opt-in-data that has always exceeded GDPR regulations, even before they were a legal requirement.

Our privacy-first ethics is something our members love. So when paired with incredible personalisation, they feel safe knowing that the value exchange is in their hands and on their terms. Just what they want, with nothing hidden, giving them access to what they need to make their journey better.

Members enjoy choosing their exclusive offers and discounts from huge brands like Amazon, Target, Center Parcs, Enfamil and more, giving their child the best start without breaking the bank.

We’ve also created industry-first ways for parents to sample products without hassle or commitment. Your Baby Box will deliver over £60 worth of goodies to your door, for just the postage costs! Our community loves it, spurning hundreds of 5* Trustpilot reviews.

Community is something we proudly champion. Our research found 68% valued the opinions of other mums more highly than even awards. So we created Parent Reviews, where members can get honest feedback from real mums.

And if a member logs in at 32 weeks, planning their birth, or 6 months later concerned about weaning, we can connect them to resources from our independent experts to give them what they need.

Every pregnancy journey is different, but at the heart of what we do is making sure we’re there for every journey. It’s why we’re proud to serve 4 in 5 new mums and can’t wait to be part of many more.



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