6. Gaia Learning

Company: Gaia Learning

Founder: Kate Longworth and Kirstin Coughtrie

Website: https://www.gaialearning.co.uk/


About Gaia Learning

Gaia Learning is a pioneering online learning provider for learners aged 8-16 dedicated to neurodivergent children and committed to providing learning experiences that challenge, inspire and empower students.

Kate Longworth, mum of two, is an experienced tech entrepreneur from Crewe and was selected in the 2023 Liverpool businesses accelerator programme Baltic Ventures for ‘game-changing’ tech start-ups. In 2021, she became the CEO of Gaia Learning after connecting with the company’s Founder Kirstin Coughtrie on LinkedIn. Kirstin, a tech obsessed Geography teacher, ADHD coach, as well as a mother of three neurodivergent tweens, founded EdTech Gaia Learning due to the inadequacies she faced in mainstream school for her neurodivergent son who, like herself, has ADHD. With over a decade of experience in online education, she together with the Gaia Learning team delivers engaging, wellbeing centred, national curriculum-aligned sessions for students who may not flourish in traditional settings, such as those with ADHD, autism, and dyslexia.

In less than five years Kate and Kirstin have taken Gaia Learning from a small, specialist tuition business to an award-winning Cambridge Registered national alternative education provider, partnering with schools, local authorities and families across the UK and beyond. They are also the first online learning provider to be awarded the ADHD Friendly School award from the ADHD Foundation in 2023.

They have secured more than £150K in angel investments for Gaia Learning, grown their partnerships and tripled its learners this academic year alone – as they continue to help children in the UK and beyond love learning with personalised education online.



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