5. Baby2Body

Company: Baby2Body

Founder: Melinda Nicci

Website: https://www.baby2body.com/


About Baby2Body

Baby2Body is a wellness platform for expectant and new mothers, offering personalised fitness and health guidance through a user-friendly app. Founded in 2016, the company is dedicated to supporting women during pregnancy and postpartum with up-to-date expert-driven advice and tools. In its first year Baby2Body gained over 1 million users. Since launching Baby2Body has built a community of 5 million women around the world.

The concept for Baby2Body emerged when the founder Meinda Nicci, realised the profound need for accessible, and personalised wellness resources for mothers. This insight led to the development of a comprehensive digital platform that combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge in maternal health and fitness

Throughout the journey, Baby2Body has tackled various challenges, such as creating an intuitive interface ensuring the app’s content is backed by robust research and finding funding to bring Mel’s innovative ideas to life. Inspired by a commitment to maternal health, the company strives to provide the best resources for mothers worldwide. Baby2Body’s newest innovation is an AI health assistant, named Bella. Bella is trained on Baby2Body’s large fertility, pregnancy and postpartum research database. Bella can provide personalised answers to users within seconds. The next step is to bring Bella to other businesses to help them build personalised client recommendations.

Baby2Body has established itself as a leading name in the maternal wellness industry, setting new standards for prenatal and postnatal care through its innovative and personalised approach. All content and recommendations on Baby2Body are thoroughly reviewed by in-house experts, ensuring they are effective, safe, and beneficial. This dedication has enabled the company to build an impressive database of health and fitness resources, empowering mothers to prioritise their well-being and that of their babies.



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