4. Sense-IT Limited

Company: Sense-IT Limited

Founder: Meg Faure

Website: https://parentsense.app


About Sense-IT Limited

Parent Sense revolutionises early childhood care, from pregnancy to preschool, by delivering expert advice and support through intuitive Parent Sense apps and a GenAI chatbot. The content draws on founder Meg Faure’s years of experience as a paediatric specialist and the author of eight books.

Meg understands the challenges parents face in establishing gentle routines, including how and when to wean their baby, as well as ensuring optimal development. In the crucial first 1,000 days, Parent Sense tools provide daily meal plans, recipes, and stimulation activities, in addition to a proprietary responsive routine for every day based on tracked data.

The unique backend technology consists of two parts:

1. An algorithm that generates responsive routines and advice based on tracked data — the parent tracks when their baby slept or fed, and the app advises when the next sleep is due, what to feed the baby or child, and offers activities and a homeschool programme (up to 4 years old) to ensure optimal development.

2. Cutting-edge AI technology that uses a private LLM to search Meg’s and other medical professionals’ expert content to deliver real-time responses to health and education questions, ensuring that when parents consult the chatbot, they can trust the response. The chatbot is accessible in the Parent Sense app and through WhatsApp (+44 7797 864585).

Initially sold only through the app stores (App Store and Google Play), the team discovered that while parents love the app, subscriptions were difficult to monetise. Since 2023, Parent Sense has established strategic B2B partnerships with medical insurance companies, EAP programs, and Vodacom, meaning parents are offered the app and chatbot for free or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Since its inception in 2020, Parent Sense has secured £1.5 million in seed funding and has touched over 200,000 lives. The vision is to profoundly impact future generations by making smart parenting globally accessible and to impact 2.5 million children by the end of 2025. The mission of Parent Sense is to empower parents and child carers with dynamic, science-backed tools that support the critical early years of a child’s development, ensuring that every child has the best possible start in life.

The impact of Parent Sense on the parenting industry has been significant. By providing parents and educators with a reliable, user-friendly platform, Parent Sense has not only democratised access to expert parenting advice but also transformed how parents engage with child development knowledge.

The contributions to parenting have been recognised through various awards and partnerships, validating the efficacy and necessity of the Parent Sense solutions in a rapidly evolving digital age. Parent Sense continues to expand its offerings, including more language options and advanced features like baby monitor and wearable integrations. The company and founder remain committed to the vision of supporting families worldwide with tools that are both innovative and impactful.



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