3. Pary Moppins

Company: Pary Moppins

Co-Founders: Frederic Lootens, Sara Gerard

Website: https://parymoppins.co.uk


About Pary Moppins

Somewhere in-between a mountain of laundry and a pile of toys, Sara and Fred co-founded Pary Moppins. They realised that, since becoming parents, they very rarely prioritise themselves, because of a lack of energy and time, impacting their overall energy levels and happiness. Talking to 150 other parents, they soon found out that they weren’t the only ones with that challenge.

The world of parenting overflows with brands and products– from developmental toys to wholesome baby food and parenting-focused communities. Yet, Sara and Fred found there was a gaping hole : tools to help people that happen to be parents or caregivers thrive, not just survive, as individuals and couples.

Pary Moppins is founded to help people “switch parent mode off”, have a well-deserved break from parenting and help them be happier people and parents. Starting by tackling something all parents want more of, but just never get around to: date night!

Research consistently shows that regular date nights strengthen the connection between parents, helps them stay balanced and renews their energy, ready to return an even better parent.

The product gives parents a regular proactive nudge, with ready-to-book combos of: an available date in the calendar, an available sitter they already trust and a table at a nice, local restaurant. A unique tech-enabled solution, that continuously learns about parents’ preferences to optimise options.

By making date nights happen without the extra mental load of planning, Pary Moppins wants to get as many parents to enjoy an evening out, more often. For single parents, Pary Moppins also finds an available close friend to enjoy the evening with.

Sara is an ex-nanny and founder of kids’ summer camps Wild Minds. Fred has been a brand and advertising creative and strategist for 15 years. They bring a unique blend of skills and a shared passion to the venture.

Pary Moppins launched their first local trial in June, with first date nights booked within the first few hours after launch. They are preparing their pre-seed round to help them launch and help parents across London in the coming half year.

Pary Moppins is driven by the belief that every parent and carer deserves someone that’s got their back. They are aiming to build a staple for all parents and carers seeking a better balance and more joy in their journey as a parent.


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