2. luna

Company: luna

Co-Founders: Jas Schembri-Stothart and Jo Goodall

Website: https://weareluna.app/


About luna

luna is the world’s first digital health and wellbeing companion for teens. The app combines cycle tracking, educational content, and anonymous questions to create an on-demand guide to teenhood. The mission is to help teens live happier, healthier lives, supporting busy parents who don’t have all the answers or who struggle to have “embarrassing” conversations.

Recognising that parents are often forgotten once their children move past the baby and primary school stages, and that traditional education isn’t meeting teens’ needs – who instead turn to social media or google for answers – Jas and Jo ideated luna during their MBA at Oxford Saïd Business School.

The app has medically-verified resources that help teens communicate with parents better, and answers tricky questions parents don’t have time to research. There are also resources available for parents, sharing advice and insights gathered from the platform, including website articles, webinars, and newsletters.

The business model includes a premium subscription, and luna is soon to launch “ParentPay” – a pioneering system that enables parents to easily manage luna subscriptions. Thanks to AI enhancements, luna has kept overheads comparatively low, enabling subscriptions to be accessible for parents and schools. The team are now working on some exciting Partnerships with major household brands to reach more parents and teens across the world.

luna’s impact has been recognised widely. Launching in November 2022, luna’s quickly grown to nearly 100,000 members with high engagement rates vs. traditional health apps – thanks to its signature branding and tone of voice developed with teen ambassadors. It’s also been featured as Apple’s “App of the Day” three times and was selected for Google’s AI accelerator. Live in 162 countries, luna is revolutionising the experience for parents of teens globally.



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