1. CocoRio

Company: CocoRio

Founder: Corinna Bordoli

Website: https://cocorio.co.uk/


About CocoRio


CocoRio connects families and businesses with creative professionals – musicians, dancers, actors – as inspiring nannies and mentors.

CocoRio solves three problems in one: threat to kids’ wellbeing and future opportunities in the digital age, lack of quality flexible child care and growing underemployed talent pool of creatives.

CocoRio’s mission is to improve lives through creativity and connection. With over 2000 customers and 700 creative nannies and mentors on our books, we have generated over £650,000.00 in revenue to date. We have an 80% repeat customer rate and we are growing month on month by 28% on average.

We have raised £340,000 to date and are currently raising £800,000 to scale through PR, marketing and R&D – we have an AI training and support tool prototype in partnership with Bayes Business School.

CocoRio, London’s most creative nanny agency, is redefining childcare. The childcare service where parents can hire creative professionals, like musicians, artists, dancers and actors as nannies is quickly being discovered by caregivers around the capital, creating happy parents and inspired children.

CocoRio is about getting more out of childcare. The brand aims to nurture, inspire and teach children new skills while creating meaningful moments that foster their love of learning. Connecting families with creative professionals who are also fully-vetted, experienced nannies, they’re on a mission to improve children’s lives through creativity and connection, support their overall wellbeing and create future leaders of tomorrow.

Featuring over 700 creative professionals on their books, CocoRio nannies range from dance teachers and yoga instructors to foreign language tutors and baking enthusiasts, offering parents peace of mind and a high-quality, educational and aspirational service they’re proud to be a part of.

Following a unique creative learning framework, they align their resources with the Early Years Foundation Stage principles and take inspiration from elements of the Montessori method and the Finnish education system.

With a repeat customer rate of 80% and over 2000 parents jumping on the bandwagon since it launched in 2020, CocoRio childcare has been described as ‘innovative’ and ‘entertaining’ from customers, saying their kids were anything from ‘energised’ to ‘positively tired’ after their session.


In May 2024, CocoRio’s Co-Founder and CEO, Corinna, was thrilled to be awarded the Leader of the Year at the Club Hub Awards. This incredible award recognises the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in improving children’s lives through creativity and connection.

“Winning Leader of the Year at the Club Hub Awards is such an exciting moment for CocoRio,” says CEO, Corinna. “It shows that CocoRio is making an impact on so many lives, improving children’s wellbeing and offering creatives career opportunities that fit into their unique lifestyles.”

This prestigious award comes after the brand won the Judges Choice Award at the Santander X Pitching Competition in 2022 and the founders were awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Club Hub two years in a row (2022 and 2023).


CocoRio was born through a joint vision from Co-Founders Corinna and Léa in 2020, who were both professional creatives with a music and drama background, nannying in their spare time for pocket money. Specifically, it was during their time at university that they both discussed how they incorporated their creative specialisms in their babysitting sessions, inspiring children to learn new skills and getting rave reviews from parents.

The pair then developed this into a business plan during an accelerator programme for start ups at Bayes Business School and following this, they were invited to pitch to investors. With business professionals and investors asking them how they could book onto CocoRio during their pitch and securing a lead investor shortly after, it became clear that people truly believed in the brand’s concept.

Thus, CocoRio was born – ‘Coco’ standing for Corinna and ‘Rio’ inspired by Léa’s first child. The pair created an agency that would allow creatives, from dancers to designers and playwrights to puppeteers, to work as a nanny in their spare time.

“We’re constantly evolving and growing at CocoRio and we have big plans,” shares Corinna. “We’re in the process of launching the CocoRio Self Service Platform, which will reduce customer conversion time by 50%. Plus, we’re working with Bayes Business School at City, University of London to develop an AI training and support tool for our creatives to continue delivering excellent quality at scale, which can also be licensed to other childcare and education providers, tapping into other parts of the market.”



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