Announced! TechRound’s ParentTech23

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our ParentTech23 2024!


TechRound is proud to announce the winners of our ParentTech campaign, celebrating the entrepreneurs and companies at the forefront of parent tech!

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Feedback From The Judges


“The calibre of the award entries and the innovative concepts and ideas behind them were really impressive. Being a parent or carer comes with a myriad of challenging moments, so it was encouraging to see products and services addressing common issues that are faced throughout the whole mind-bending journey, from pregnancy all the way to the teenage years. I was particularly struck by the many entries committed to championing and improving mental wellbeing for both parents and children, and it was a pleasure to read founder stories similar to our own here at Yoto: of parents who were faced with a problem, and then inspired enough to invent a solution.”

 – Ben Drury, Co-Founder and CEO, Yoto


“I feel honored to have been a part of this evaluation, gaining valuable insights into these companies.  Among them, Sense-IT Limited, Your Baby Club, and Edurino UK Limited stood out.  Sense-IT Limited with its development-based parenting guidance, Your Baby Club providing comprehensive resources and exclusive samples & discounts, and Edurino UK Limited offering innovative educational tools, were particularly exceptional. These companies excelled in an appropriate mix of necessary services and costs, addressing common parenting challenges. I believe these are vital to the needs of modern parenting.”

– Vamshi Sai Boda, Chief Technology Officer at Young Creator


“I was blown away by the diversity of entries. It really got me thinking about the best way to critique and judge the entries fairly. So I put my mum shoes on. I was looking for simple, well articulated solutions to everyday problems. Things that would really help me and other parents/carers. There were some teams that really stood out to me as being innovative and creative in the way they are going about tackling a problem and bringing their product to life. I also looked for strong brand identity. This shows a deep understanding of the target customer and tends to be a good predictor of future success, particularly for B2C startups.”

Charlene Mitchell-Hood, Creative Lead & Co-Founder of Sooper Books


“This year we decided to do prenttech as it is an underserved industry but one of the most important. Raising children and being a parent is one of the most important jobs in society and thus, it has been fantastic to see so many startups helping mothers and fathers on their journey, as well their children.”

– David Soffer, Founder & Editor-In-Chief at TechRound


“I was so impressed by the talent and creativity shared by so many founders in this year’s ParentTech competition. When evaluating the companies, I looked for demonstrated traction, potential social impact, and the founder’s fit with their market. I was also looking for depth of understanding and dedication to solving a burning problem for their end users. Congratulations to all the companies who participated – you are doing such important work!”

Silvia de Denaro Vieira, CEO and Co-Founder, Coexist 


Thank You To Our Judges!


Vamshi Sai Boda, Chief Technology Officer at Young Creator

Vamshi Sai Boda is the Chief Technology Officer of Young Creator, contributing his software development expertise to the company’s mission of providing solutions for the online protection of children. With a strong background in technology and dedication for developing revolutionary solutions, Vamshi has been instrumental in the implementation of advanced features of the Young Creator App including content filtering and real-time monitoring.

Ben Drury, Co-Founder and CEO at Yoto

Ben Drury is the co-founder and CEO of Yoto, an interactive audio platform for kids. It features carefully connected audio players inspired by Montessori principles that kids control without using a screen, and a catalogue of the best stories, songs, activities and more that inspire creative play and learning. Named as one of Bloomberg’s top 25 start ups to watch in 2023, the company was also rated as the second fastest growing tech company in the UK by Deloitte that same year.

Read about what Ben is looking for from entrants here

David Soffer, Founder & Editor In Chief At TechRound

David is TechRound’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all content on the site. From its inception, David has been passionate about publicising the most innovative up and coming startups across the UK and Europe, and has a keen interest in the intersection between technology and everyday life.

Silvia de Denaro Vieira, CEO and Co-Founder, Coexist 

As CEO and Co-Founder of all-in-one home management company, Coexist, Silvia drives the mission, operations, fundraising and go-to-market strategy for the organisation. She brings a decade of experience working with startups, successfully bringing new products to market. Prior to Coexist, she was leading Operations & Strategy at an AI seed-stage startup focused on climate technology, and has experience in marketing and research at larger corporations like McKinsey and Sunrun.

Charlene Mitchell-Hood, Creative Lead & Co-Founder of Sooper Books

Charlene Mitchell-Hood, Creative Lead & Co-founder of Sooper Books, is a published freelance illustrator and now focuses on the world of children’s stories. She works closely with their team of Emmy winning story tellers to bring all of their captivating character concepts to life.


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