12. Vaayu

Company: Vaayu

Founder: Namrata Sandhu

Website: https://www.vaayu.tech/


About Vaayu


The retail industry is responsible for 25% of global carbon emissions. At Vaayu, AI is helping to cut this environmental impact, including emissions, water and waste, at speed in the fight against climate change. Founded in 2020 by Namrata Sandhu (CEO) and Luca Schmid (CTO), Vaayu’s software is built to fill a critical gap in the market to put real-time, science-backed data in the hands of retailers globally, empowering brands and businesses with a tool to decarbonize at scale.

Recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions, Vaayu is creating retail’s largest LCA database with 600,000+ data points, part of Vaayu’s AI Impact Modeling Engine, Kria. Purpose-built, Kria uses generative AI to perform fast, accurate data mapping and processing, generating 50,000+ data points for every product calculated to create a digital twin that mirrors the complexity of the supply chain in real life. The engine then deploys machine learning algorithms and predictive AI to fill data gaps for a granular footprint and provide an Accuracy Score per calculation, enabling a better understanding of the data.

Before Vaayu, retailers lacked meaningful insights and struggled to collect and calculate data to inform decision-making. Driven by a strong belief that technology and collaboration drive change, Vaayu offers companies one simple AI-powered software to mobilize reduction strategies across Scopes 1, 2 and, critically, 3 — responsible for over 90% of retail emissions on average. With the greatest opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Scope 3 is also the hardest to measure. Due to complexity, transparency and traceability, retailers may not have comprehensive knowledge of their value chain emissions. Vaayu’s technology improves supply chain and consumer communication, and accurately bridges data gaps to provide a fuller picture of Scope 3, enabling brands and retailers to understand their entire value chain emissions and focus efforts on their greatest reduction opportunities.

Vaayu’s world-first proprietary generative AI and machine learning technology has easy-to-integrate APIs that automatically pull emissions and impact data directly into a single dashboard from multiple primary sources. From POS systems to PLMs, PIMs, and ERPs, Vaayu is pioneering this level of robust, automated data for the first time and simplifying the supply chain by demonstrating real data in real-time. Vaayu calculates impacts from raw material extraction through to the manufacture of physical goods to last-mile delivery, identifying hotspots to help businesses prioritize focus areas and lower their overall environmental footprint. Vaayu’s customers can also leverage its target setting and scenario planning features to evaluate the most effective reduction strategies specific to their business on a daily basis.

Vaayu is powering Klarna’s consumer-facing CO2e Tracker which calculates fashion purchase emissions in real-time by pulling product-level emissions data. The partnership is arming 150 million global shoppers with carbon footprint data for over 150 million products, providing more accurate insights than ever before and empowering more conscious purchasing decisions.

Vaayu’s AI plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry, improving accessibility and data sharing, fostering deeper transparency, reliability, and speed, and minimizing the retail industry’s impact at scale.



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